• US. That is foreign for me. :)
  • Japan.
  • England.... Billy Elliot, Kinky Boots, Calendar Girls...
  • Germany,then France,then Italy.
  • The USA - the language is almost the same as mine.
  • China and India Though years ago Japan produced my favorite films. I live the old, especially black and white samurai films. I still love watching them but they don't produce much anymore.
  • Definitely India.
  • Well, I like the old black and white samurai films from Japan. Sweden makes great films and TV-shows, as well.
  • Japan, they have anime
  • When I am using my British Passport the USA, when I am using my US Passport the UK. although I am seeing a vast improvement in Bollywood.
  • Being from the U.S. my favorite country is South Korea and its great horror movies. They are able to shock without a lot of excessive blood and sex. Using great film making technique and story telling they have given new meaning to the ghost story genre. Unfortunately the U.S. is remaking and dumbing down many of these films (Juon made into the Grudge and Dark Water)many people mistakenly believe the Koreans are just copying Hollywood!
  • 1) Where the big studios are: 1. US (they have Hollywood)(I am French) 2. India (they have Bollywood) You can't beat the studio system... "Film studios in other countries have enjoyed great success for periods of time, occasionally to the extent that the terms "studio system" and "national cinema" apply to them as well. This success often coincided with the national and international popularity of a particular type of product or film style, as with Ufa and German Expressionism in the 1920s, or the remarkable run of Alfred Hitchcock-directed thrillers from Gaumont British Distributors Ltd. in the 1930s. In some instances, sheer size and volume of output put a studio on the global or regional map, as with Germany's Ufa, Italy's Cinecitta, and a few others. But only India's "Bollywood" has developed a studio system comparable to Hollywood's. " Source: 2) My favorite foreign films are produced in many other countries, for instance in many European countries, such as: - Belgium - Czech Republic - Denmark - Germany (Wim Wenders and many others) - Italy (they had Cinecitta, unfortunately, it just burned) - UK (Stephen Frears, Ken Loach, Peter Greenaway) - Finland (Aki Kaurismäki) - Poland - Russia - Spain (Almodovar) - Sweden (Ingmar Bergman) And I didn't say anything about French films (e.g. from Luc Besson or Jean-Pierre Jeunet) because you ask about foreign films... 3) I could go further, there is not just Europe, of course, but I must come to the conclusion: there is not a single country which produces my favorite foreign films. I appreciate a lot of foreign films from many countries.
  • The most and the best I've seen are from Japan, but that doesn't mean much. I have seen some wonderful European films as well. India produces the most. I have a particular fondness for a series of African films from the 70s which started with "The Gods Must Be Crazy."
  • The U.S.
  • Overall I am not sure, but my favorite single foreign film is South African, and it is done in the Zulu language.

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