• No, the lost of a loved one is natural, I don’t think it is possible to forget dates like this, it is only human, it forms part of your memories, positive or negative, it will stay there for as long as you will remember, no need to feel bad about it in any way
  • No, it's not weird. You will always think about your little girl. It's perfectly normal.
  • **hugs** That's hard, but you've got to remember that one child doesn't replace another. It's natural to miss your daughter and still love your younger one.
  • I cannot know how you feel, but my heart goes out to you and your family. Of course it isn't weird. This was your daughter, your beloved child. I hope that you are learning to remember the joyous times and not just the horrible loss. You probably have wondered what she would have been like at a certain age, what she would enjoy doing. This isn't something you "get over" and "put behind" you, but the joy she gave you is a gift to chaerish always. Perhaps there will be a time when you can share memories of your daughter who died with your daughter who is living, who will probably have some curiosity about her sister. It's a healthy thing to communicate with your loved ones about the things that weigh on your heart.
  • I am sorry about your loss 9 yrs ago. No, it is not strange that you would still be thinking about her after all this time. You loved her, she was your flesh and blood and that she meant the world to you. I sorry for the tragic way she passed away.
  • It is only natural that you think of her. Losing a loved one is like loosing a piece of your heart. I hope you have the opportunity to share your memories of this child with your other daughter. Honor her memory. I am so sorry about your loss, and I send you hugs.
  • My sister lost her only child 2 years ago when her boyfriend shot and killed her. There has not been an occassion when she has not been in our thoughts and her absence has not been apparent. It's life, but they never really leave us. We honor them with our memories and keeping them in our thoughts during those times. My thoughts are with you, keep us in yours.
  • Of course it's not wierd, it is totally natural. I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel, but my heart goes out to you. Remembering her honours her life. Sending hugs.
  • I'm so sorry for your horrific loss. You sound like a terrific dad.
  • I lost my brother to a drunk driver,I wont say I know how you feel,because Ive nnever lost any of my children,I feel for you,Im sorry.Its been 25 yrs. for me,I still miss him like it was yesterday.Ive passed him in age,now,but still see him as my big brother
  • You will always be her dad and she will always be your daughter and I just bet she is your guardian angel and has been for over 9 years. Your pain could never be measured in mere words so I could never find the words except to say I am so sorry. Ruff you are enduring the greatest pain their is....and my prayer for you is strength and peace.
  • Not at all ruffrider, it would be weird if you didn't. Cherish her memory,love the one you're with!
  • When I was 14 I lost a friend (girl) in an auto accident - Mother was stoned at least and driving. Damned if she doesn't pop in my mind all the time even now - 20+ years later. When life is good especially - she will pop into my head - I think cause I wish she could of experienced these great parts of life also. anyway its not weird at all.
  • God Bless you, and please know that I think it would be abnormal for you not to think about your daughter. She was a piece of you and a gift. There is no specific amount of time a person is supposed to be finished grieving, but if you think it is consuming your life, maybe you should look for a good therapist to help you through the rougher days.
  • It is not weird at all. It is completely normal dear. I am so sorry for your loss. You think of her, because she's your daughter, maybe you are afraid of forgetting her if you don't think about her enough, if that makes sense. God bless you, and this is a prime reason people need to learn that drinking is legal, but driving drunk is EVIL!
  • It will be wierd on the day you do not think about her, best thing you can do is let her see you live a good life & talk to her often - she hears you
  • No you loved her why wouldn't you miss your baby?
  • That's not weird at all. You lost a child, my heart goes out to you. Never feel guilty for still thinking of her. Just remember to cherish the times you can enjoy with your other daughter =)
  • I would get really sad if my mom just forgot about me. Even though she's not physically here, she's still with you.
  • might consider not labeling this thought you seem to have anything... might ask yourself, what is the purpose of my thinking this...; what is it doing for you? your answer, you may find your healing from the event...and in this way honor your daughter in ways perhaps unimaginable right now... hint: the past is gone, not just for you, but for everyone...
  • its ok to still think about someone you love never forget her
  • It's very understandable that you think of her daily. If I lost my daughter so tragically, I would never be able to go a day without thinking of her. Don't ever forget her, children are so special. You have my deepest condolences.
  • {{{Very Special Hugs}}} (•.¸♥~A~♥¸.•)
  • It would not be ok if you would forget her during your life. No other person can replace a deceased one just like that, because well, it's a different person.
  • No, it's not weird that you think about your daughter all the time. I think that's what it means when they say "Love never dies." Once you love someone, they are etched in your memory forever. So in essence, we are immortal as long as we are remembered. She may not be here physically, but when you close your eyes and think about her, it's almost as if she was. I think she must have been a pretty special girl, and you are a loving mother. Don't ever feel guilty for loving.
  • As long as the rest of your life is solid you work, socialize, get out and about, and you can laugh then you are doing fine. On her birthday light a candle. Say a prayer, sing a song, read a story, read a poem, play some music, tell her how things are going. Its a little private remembrance ceremony and a way to feel near. Deepest condolences.

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