• Shekill It's what mine and Shelby's username would be if we morphed into each other and became one.
  • wekkm- it means "dead hamster" Really bored in geometry once in high school, can you tell? Then for a week we all yelled "WEKKM!" when the teach turned her back...good times.
  • Mufkinship - Pretty much my version of mother f*cking sh!t :) I really wish I could take credit for callipygian though:)
  • My word is "burg". I just started saying it one day, without trying to think of a new word. Now I use it more an more. Here's an example of its usage ---------- You wake up in the morning, go to the kitchen. You grab the box of cereal, a bowl, pour the cereal into the bowl and get yourself a spoon. You go over to the fridge, and realize that there is no milk left. Then you say "burg" Oh, if its a real annoyance, you say "buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg" ---------- It's a way to show how annoyed and pissed you are, but are just too lazy or tired to even make an effort at anything else.
  • Shamberry my niece was over and a very tender age and i was repairing the porch by hammering in a nail and hit my thumb I was going to scream sh*t and glanced to see her watching me working and had to quickly adjust the word. the word just stuck
  • Smufflicate- To hold the nose of somebody who is sleeping with their mouth closed in order to induce mild terror :o)
  • Yeah, I was waiting on line at DisneyWorld to go on the Mummy rollercoaster with my 12 year old niece two years ago and she kept saying she was so nervous and so excited. So, we developed the word "nervacited" and the whole family still uses it today!
  • I've made up loads but couldn't say them here, my son made a good one up though when he was about 4 years old... " Why is it called gravy" he said, "it's not grey it's brown it should be called brownvy" So we always make "brownvy" here to go with our roast!
  • amphibyie masturbatum ........this is my latin word for frog tosser (frog tosser is someone who is a total retard)
  • I've gone Googlydown. It refers to how I feel when Google is having technical issues...or when I am :) When I want sex with hubby, I say "Let's get supine". Supine is medical terminology for lying on one's back.

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