• I was wondering the same thing and I looked it up in a Zulu dictionary (major indigenous South African tribe) and it described it as "to stretch long," "to have enough of a thing," "to have or possess long enough," "to have to satisfaction," or "to look for something to satisfy one's heart with." Perhaps it's the idea of longing. Within the context of the song, it sounds like he's looking for that someone that will 'satisfy his heart'-that he wants to be with the rest of his life perhaps, and he's scared of risking it all and being left stranded: "One day I looked up and there you were, like a simple question looking for an answer. Now I am the whale listening to some inner call, swimming blindly to throw myself upon your shore. What if I don't find you when I have landed? Will you leave me here to die on your shore stranded?" Perhaps the love he is looking to fill him or "possess long enough/satisfy/stretch long" is unabtainable. The dog howls at the moon because the moon is something it greatly desires but has little chance of achieving but it will not give up hope that it's possible. It keeps on howling, telling the moon that it burns to be with it because to be with the moon brings "redemption" (fills that void). It's having hope in the true sense of the word that he's willing to risk the possibility of not being with this person if it means the mere possibility of being with them. To not hope leaves no possibility of being with the person at all. You could die in the process (beached whale) but you are also filled with the possibility of "having something that will satisfy the heart (completely)." That's my take on it. Sorry I don't actually speak the language.
  • I think dela is a Spanish articles and means "of the" in English. Ü
  • "Dela! Dela! Ngiyadela! (Content, content I am content) When I am with you! Dela! Sondela! Mama sondela! (Closer, closer, come closer mama) so comeon let us everyone sing together............. Dela! Dela! Ngiyadela!When I am with you! Dela! Sondela! Mama sondela!, I burn for you

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