• Putting a model together and painting it and making it look nice is hard, but once that's done it just sits there.
  • I think it would depend on how good looking and how photogenic you are. Some women look good no matter where they are or what they wear, others have to work harder.
  • Speaking from experience, it really, really, really is. It's not all taking pictures and smiling, you get a lot of shit from a lot of different people about miniscule things, and it's difficult. It's stressful and emotionally draining - you're constantly trying to live up to other people's views of you or how they want you to look. Of course that is hard.
  • I think being a model would be extremely hard work people would be looking over every aspect of your physical appearance and trying to correct any minor flaw. Also the damage to the psyche would be horrendous people would treat you as a commodity not as a person with thoughts and feelings.
  • Oh yeah it is. You know all that throwing up and not eating can be very difficult on a person. I wonder if they get hazard pay for that.
  • It's extremely hard work. Photo shoots and commercials are draining because you sit around getting primped forever then waiting for everyone else, then you have to be 'on' whenever the photographer is ready. It's the same with runway shows, except you have the additional stress of performing perfectly with all eyes on you. You know the joke where people are laughing because someone has some TP stuck to the bottom of your shoe? Try having to go onstage in a wedding gown WITHOUT SHOES because they got misplaced! My friend could hear the people in the audience talking about it as she tried to look confident. In between there is all the maintenance to look your best, worries about tan lines, your weight and the rejection if you don't have 'the look' they want. Modeling is very hard work.
  • It doesn't seem hard but I guess you have to walk a day in a model's shoes to see.
  • alot of stress
  • yes, i think modeling is very hard work. its not just about sitting pretty for a picture...people that respond that way are not familiar with the proffesion.
  • My ex-wife was a model. It was easy for her. All she had to do was wear whatever outfit was picked out for her and pose the way the photographer asked. She was good at it. She was lucky that she didn't need to diet. Seemed like it wasn't really 'work' to me. I work with customers and management every day for 12 1/2 hours, and I do physical work on top of that. That is more stressfull.
  • I wouldn't say it was hard work, but it's not easy either. The thing about modelling is that even if you work on a semi-pro or amateur basis it does become a lifestyle as much as a job. You have to be scrupulous about your diet and exercise regime, you have to put a lot of work into things like skin and hair care (you can't put of a hair cut or leg wax, you can't just wash your face with any old soap from the budget counter) you have to learn how to do make-up and styling (contrary to what you might think, on around 50 -70% of shoots models do their own make-up, on some they provide their own clothes too.) You have to say no to nights out with friends because you've got a shoot the next morning. You also have to spend a LOT of time travelling and a lot of time waiting around. You have to put up with time wasters who don't turn up, or who mess you around and don't pay you or take sub-standard images. You have to deal with your fair share of perv's and bores. You have to be able to take people telling you you're fat without feeling like crap, and you have to be able to let people tell you you're gorgeous without letting it go to your head. You have to deal with seeing images of yourself all the time which you may not consider to be flattering. But - despite all that, it can be a great adventure, very creative, hugely good fun, confidence building,and allows you to meet new people. People also often don't realise that modelling is essentially a creative profession. You are working with a photographer to create a good image - you can't just stand there and expect them to make you look beautiful. The best models have a huge creative input in what they do and will direct their own poses and expressions, often coming up with ideas for shots themselves. Unless you're modelling catalogue or high fashion - you'll also play a role as a stylist. That element of it is hard work, and takes practice - but is also very rewarding when you see the finished product.

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