• Yes! ZERO!
  • Yeah I think that they should only be able to get one!
  • Yes, zero.
  • No, I do not, but I think after a couple that couselling should be provided at no cost.
  • Yes, there should be a limit. If people can't use contraception or protection, they should have to face the ramifications of their actions. So I guess my answer would be zero.
  • I think that placing a limit on the number a woman is "allowed" to have is ridiculous. The limit on the number that someone should be "allowed" to have should be based on what they can mentally handle. Abortion is HARD no matter what the reason is to get one. Abortion is EMOTIONALLY draining. Abortion is, believe it or not, sometimes physically NECESSARY. Can't think of a single reason? What about if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy (or however you spell it)? What if there are other serious health risks involved? What if the woman already has 10 kids she's struggling to take care of and just doesn't *want* another one? What if we're talking about a young, troubled teen who honestly isn't in a position to admit the pregnancy or take care of the baby? What if someone in an abusive relationship got pregnant, wanted to leave, but wanted no ties back to the father? What if the woman was raped? Do I see it as a good method of birth control? No. Something that should be done regularly? Nope. Should people be more responsible when having sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening in the first place? Absolutely. But abortion should NOT be taken off the table just because someone doesn't agree with it or your reasons for having one.
  • I dont like the idea of limitations being applied to anyones freedom of choice.
    • Linda Joy
      Including the baby?
  • No. I think anyone's healthcare decisions are solely up to that individual and his/her doctor. No one has a right to dictate my (or anyone else's) health decisions, nor does anyone have a right to require me (or anyone else) to give birth.
    • Thinker
      Abortion is not a health decision it is a murder decision.
  • No... But if there were limits proposed, why not a limit on how many children a person can have?
  • There already is a limit. That limit is known as vaginal seepage.
  • gosh, i see that my expressing my opinion is grounds for downrating. god forbid that i should expect to have free will.
  • No, i don't think so! Lets suppose some teen is pregnant... If you will not allow teen to get abortion done then she will become troubled teen. Limit is not an answer, i think right education to teens is better. To find right schools for teens or troubled girls:
  • NO...I think there should be a limit how many times a male is allowed to stick his baby maker in his woman!!!
    • Linda Joy
      Then she should be the one to set the limit!
  • I don't think anyone should murder their children. Especially when birth control is so available!
  • I think virtually every half-reasonable person can agree that the ideal number of abortions to have is zero, but the argument starts when you get to the detail of how to achieve that ideal number, knowing that it's unrealistic.
  • I think if someone is having frequent abortions it should raise a red flag, after all abortions aren't exempt from risk of causing physical harm to the patient.
    • Linda Joy
      Not to mention the side effects on the mind.
  • I think that until they can find a solution about what to do with all the unwanted children, they want to force women to bear, they should stop interfering with somebody else's procreation choices. 5/12/23
    • Linda Joy
      "How many people are waiting to adopt a child? There are no national statistics on how many people are waiting to adopt, but experts estimate it is somewhere between one and two million couples.",one%20and%20two%20million%20couples. That's just in the US.
    • dalcocono
      Who knows how many are wanting to adopt. Forcing woment o bear children then counting on the kindness of strangers to bring them up is like playing dice.
  • The panel agrees, there should be zero abortions. There is no other way to look at abortion, it is murder. The child in the womb of the woman has a different DNA and most likely a different blood type therefore the child is completely different from the mother. In any book that makes it murder to have an abortion.

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