• I don't think so. Brown is an extreme pragmatist. Like most successful politicians he has in the past said what he thought would get him the most support. If he thought something else would get him further, have no doubt he'd be saying that instead. Pragmatist politicians never really betray anything, as the only objects they work for are themselves.
  • No, and it will be proven when socialists and quite a few others vote him in as Prime Minister in his own right at the next election.
  • Gordon brown has totally lost it.He lives in his own little world and is quickly becoming a dictator.The sooner he loses the next election and gets his arse booted out of number ten the better.What gave him the right to take away our vote on europe?.....come election day he will pay for that mistake by closing the door after him for the last time on number ten downing street......after which time i hope he moves out of politics altogether as his ideas are idiotic

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