• oh yes...when my girl was four she gave her 1yo brother a trim too ! they both had missing bang parts for a while. Fotunatley hair grows back..
  • Well that is quite crazy but i think you should be happy that she didn't do any damage to herself with the scissors...
  • i did it to myself when i was 5. i had really long hair and i was tired of all that painful hairbrushing in the mornings and evenings. my mother wasn't very angry fortunately.
  • My daughter was 4 when she cut her hair too, along the sides of her head. "I didn't cut my hair!", but we found 3" clumps in the wastebasket upstairs.
  • Yes, about a year and a half ago my daughter, then two years old, gave herself a haircut. She went and found my scissors in the kitchen drawer (I no longer keep them there) and removed a good third of her hair. One bit in the front was cut the whole way down to her skull, but mostly it was just cut to jagged bangs in the front (her hair had never been cut before and she didn't have bangs) and a bit off the sides. The general effect was a mullet. I had to do a good deal of trimming to get it anything LIKE decent looking, and between us we took a good four inches off her hair that day. Even over a year later you can still tell which bits she cut so short, but at least it's getting long again, and she's promised over and over she'll "never never never do that again".
  • Yes, she was 3 years old as she did. The result was unusual. I must say that my wife does usually the hair cutting at home.
  • My daughter did it so many times that when we would walk into the kids cuts place, they knew she had done it again!! 6 times during her 3rd year of life. She would hide under the table and cut start chopping. The scissors were way out of reach, but the little monkey kept climbing up the pantry (dangerous!!) and get them. I kept hiding them, she kept finding them. I finally told her next time she cut her hair, she was going to get a boys haircut at the salon. She cried... and never did it again. (at least not for the last 4 months!!)
  • my 3 and half year old girl has cut her hair AGAIN she has cut the top half to about 2 inches this time and has a bald patch the size of an apple with normal length hair at the bottom it looks really horrible i cried when i saw it she had beautiful mousy blond hair and now its all gone she really does need a boys hair cut does any1 have any ideas on how i can get it to grow faster?? please help
  • my sister andi both did. it looked awful but we didnt care as we were little and only adults seemed to care about that sort of thing
  • Yes, my daughter cut her hair around age 4 and so did I but I was older than that and it was time for school photos the next day and mum made me get my picture taken with the crew cut fringe.
  • Yes that's something all children do. Mine is 3 yrs old and she's done that twice already.
  • My daughter just cut her hair like a hare krishna on one half and billy ray cyrus (90's style) on the other. my wife starting crying immediately(we FINALLY got it grown out to 8 inches long) now all she has is a hair noodle in the back of her head and we're going on a cruise in 1 week! What the heck am i supposed to do? Wigs are expensive and there is NO hair cut that can fix what she has done.. She said she "just wanted it littler"
  • Lovely stories from everyone! :) My little niece did something like that, only different and way more dangerous. She wanted to haircut and so she took a cab, went to her regular hair saloon all by herself and got herself a haircut like her favourite filmstar. She was six and this was in mumbai!
  • Well, its a given almost all lil girls love to experiment with the sissors. But hair does grow back and you can just get her a pixie hair cut now. Short, short and cute. Dont fret its normal but its just par for the course.
  • My daughter of three years cut her hair too....she was limited to have only 2 hair styles from the cut she did to her hair. I told her that I was going to cut her hair like a boy if she did it again. What I did was....I told her mommy was going to be a hairstylist for a day and we were going to the salon. I took a cair in front of the mirror and set a table up "salon-style" with the brush, sciccors, baby powder, hairspray, etc. put a towel around her neck and...of course this is a money-saving technique....I did her own haircut. Needless to say it was not much that she cut, but my technique actually worked and she is happy with her haircut :)
  • My daughter is almost four and she has hair almost to her awist lin and she just cut the sides off to her head, leaving on inch or so on both sides creating a terrible looking mullet. I had to cut it in a bob to sort of fix it but she lost over 8 or 9 inches of hair. Yea it grows back, but in 3 or 4 years. Also, it just looks terrible, no more cute pony tails or breads or hair ties for years. You can't get those times back when her hair was so long and pretty at that age, thats what makes me mad. Kids don't care or understand, us as moms care how our children look.
  • My daughter is 3yrs old. It began 2weeks ago, she was combing my hair and all I heard was snip,using the scissors I had just placed on my lap, luckily she cut upwards and no damage was done. The following week she snipped at her own hair with the childs safety scissors(cutting off a few strands), and just today I saw blond hair on the floor and saw that she had cut some of her dolls hair off. She promised each time to not do it again, I guess she changed her M.O(lol). I was so worried till I read these various comments. Maybe my daughter will be a top hairdresser. Safety scissors are not so safe after all, it could have been alot worst as she tries to style hair instead of chopping off chunks. By the way I do hide scissors, but now I shall have to find better hiding places.
  • I don't have daughters, but I have nieces. Not only did one of them cut her own hair, but she cut her sister's hair too.
  • Yep, when she was 4 she cut a 6" handful from each temple. ("I didn't cut my hair...") But she looked sooooooo cute in the short haircut we got her after that.

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