• She has to really want to do it herself. In my experience all the nagging and health threats out there only pushes people the other way.
  • Please flag...hit it twice:(
  • You can't.....I hope she will want to soon though:)
  • In order for someone to quit something like smoking, drinking or doing drugs they have to first want to quit themselves. After they decide they want to quit then you can give them all of your support. She already knows the effects of cigarette smoke and what it can do to her children.
  • As an ex-smoker my honest and sincere advice is to forget trying to beat her addiction by appealing to her on any grounds other than blackmail or bribery. Either come up with some consequence that will scare her more than continuing to smoke - thats the blackmail - or, much more gentlemanly, come up with a bribe which will overcome said desire to smoke. In a sense its a no-win solution except for the outcome - either its going to be nasty or VERY EXPENSIVE....but it;s the only path I know of to sucessfully defeating an addiction that is stronger than heroin. I wish you well - and lots of patience.
  • Maybe seeing one or all of her kids die from lung cancer from second hand smoke would do it. Sorry, but i get so frustrated by those kinds of senarios.
  • There is no way. I was told I have between 10 & 15 years left if I don't quit. I tried hynosis, acupunture & none worked. The only time I did quit for 2 days was because I had pneumonia & couldn't breathe.
  • YOu cannot get other people to change unless they want to. But you can show her the benefits and the dangers and possibly she will think about it but you can't convince someone who is in the grip of an addiction.
  • They have got to want to quit and change , trying to tell them they have to isn't going to work and can make it worse + up
  • Take her to the "bodies human" or "BOdy worlds" exhibits. as a friend thing, with out her kids(pay for her babysitter if you can) When you get near the cross section of the old round person who died from advanced lung cancer, excuse yourself to go to the bath room, or similar excuse (call mom to check in, or something to leave her near that fro a few moments.) The piece I'm thinking of has a tumor so advanced that it has eaten into the spinal wall and exposed nervous tissue. It' most unpleasant, but the message is there. Don't Preach, and don't abandon her for too long. Part two is the hard one be willling to be there with her when she commits to doing her quitting. Down rate me if you must this is my opinion.
  • good luck, we'll have your efforts in mind through the week.
  • You can't. That is something she has to want to change herself. You can preach to the choir til you are blue in the face. If the choir is shutting what you are saying out time to stop preaching and be a loving and supportive friend family member or partner whatever the case may be. The more you harp on them about how bad it is for them the more they are going to shut you right out and do as they please. Leave her alone and when she is ready to quit she will do it on her own. In the meantimejust continue to be there love her and support her in any and every way you can.
  • Ask her if she wants to see her kids and their kids grow up or not...simple choice!!
  • You can't. Nicotine is an extremely addictive drug. What you can do is maybe refer her to a doctor or clinic --they have some very successful methods for beating smoking now. But the real work rests with her will to do so.
  • let her know that children that grow up in smoking homes have the lungs of a pack a day smoker when they are teenagers My parents did that to me. Lungs heal quickly. She is abusing her children.
  • Well, I have a few things to say. I usually play the "devil's advocate". I am not a fan of smoking myself, though that is for my own reasons. I tried to convience my uncle to quit, for he has been smoking for longer than I have been alive. Though, he tells me how I should quit my obsession with soda. Now, I bring this up only to say that smoking is so popular because it does releave stress. Raising 4 children is not an easy task. Especially if this is a single mother. Plus, I have no idea how severe this truly is. Is she smoking multiple packs per day? I believe with all the pressures of life, she probably is. Though, would you want someone to tell you to take one of your few pleasures away from you? I know I don't! I suffer from stress on an almost daily basis. If it wasn't for my husband taking care of me the best he can, I would have snapped. If she wants to change, then she will change. If she doesn't, then she is not going to no matter what techniques you use. You can express your concerns, and maybe that will make her think of what she really wants to do, but other than that I wouldn't try to force anything on someone else.
  • take her to pick out her coffin
  • When her children have ear infections/lung problems, asma, or upper respetory problems. Her doctor will ask her if she smokes most likely she'll say no unless she stinks of cigarettes. this is a big factor on them becoming sick. if she is smart she'll go out side away from the kids. on a porch or just quit. unfortunately there is nothing u can do she has to learn this on her own.
  • You can't. She has to decide on her own that she wants to.
  • Give her kids some cigs. Maybe they'll get hooked too so she sees what she's doing. It's practically the same thing anyway with 2nd hand smoke. Obviously a joke, but still ... the visual is pretty powerful.
  • You cannot convince someone to stop smoking. Its an addiction.
  • Just think of the four young ones now, having a grandmother around to hug their children.
  • Bribery.
  • Try to find the ad with that lady smoking out of that hole in her neck and the commercial showing what the original Marlboro man looked like before he died.
  • you cant. she has to do it for herself. If she doesnt she will just start up again. People really dont understand that this is a drug addiction. Its not something you can convince people to do.

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