• -4 for: not knowing about the caps lock button and not putting the question in the correct categorie!
  • I sent your question to nonsense -and you put this question in the wrong category again after I told you to go to " What is this pill " I just told you 2 times to go to
  • It just so happens that I have some 20 mg Dicyclomine right here, and it is blue, says Watson and 755. Hope this helps.
  • sorry i offended anyone with the caps didnt realize it was a big deal. and as for not putting the question in the right place i just joined i have no idea what to do. im just following what its telling me to do. and if u have to be rude maybe u shouldnt answer.
  • Bentyl 10 mg. blue, capsule, imprinted with BENTYL 10 ... This medication may impair your thinking or reactions.

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