• I have a big old van to carry bricks and plasterboard and was rocking out to a Foo fighters record on the radio and looked over at the junction to see another builder head banging the same, f****ing hilarious...
  • Yes. I don't care if another car pulls up by me. I will keep singing. Who invited them?!?
  • Hi Blank Savage! I used to sing until I was told I didn't sing very well. So now I sing when I am by myself at home. I am never in a car alone because someone is always driving ( I never learned to drive...I tried but I would break out in a sweat and panic would set in :( I don't sing in the car.
  • As long as the song is not an instrumental or by a female artist (my singing voice can't hit those notes). I don't stop if others see me, I just headbang harder! My daughter thinks I'm strange, old rockers never die!
  • i'm a music major (vocal) so yeah i sing in the car all the time, mostly practicing and warming up and i dont care if anybody sees, i also talk to myself, whether people are lookin or not
  • I sing along with the radio all the time. I just sing more softly when someone pulls along side of me, I don't want to break any eardrums but I'm not going to stop what I enjoy. :)
  • I look like 'joe cocker' in full contortions and sound like 'bjork' so I do the right thing and stop so I don't scare the daylights out of the car next to meet
  • Carry on! Even louder that before!
  • I guess you could say, "I act the fool!" when I hear something I like while driving. Now, when I was YOUNG, you understand, me and my boys would jump OUT at the light and PARTY HEARTY! We didn't have those humongous bass speakers 2days youth have, but I had a REVERB you couldn't touch. NOBODY'S system sounded like mine! But, that's off topic. Yes...I sing, dance, play drums, whatever moves me and I WANT them to see me do my thing!
  • I don't care who's there. If it's a song I know the words to, I'll sing it.
  • G'day Blank Savage, Thank you for your question. I don't have a car. I would sing along on the bus but the other passengers would look at me strangely. I just sing along mentally now so that people don't think that I'm mental. :>) Regards
  • Yes and if it is a song that I love the louder I sing (crow). Sometimes I will stop if someone pulls up beside me, depends on what mood I'm in.
  • I'm always singing, and if not, I'm surfing the channels to find a song I can sing to. If someone sees me, I usually smile, wave, and continue on!
  • I sing along with the radio all the time! When someone pulls up with their music pounding hard enough to rattle a stoplight, I turn mine up and start screaming the lyrics... even on the slow songs!!!
  • I have been caught many times belting out a tune in my car. But....I've seen people smiling when they catch me too. So, I've cheered someone up and that's a good thing. :)
  • I sing with the radio and no way am I going to stop if someone pulls up next to me.

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