• I find that screaming "Come on!!" as loud as I can gets them going. :o)
  • Respect them Acknowledge them Treat them fair Show them you trust them with responsibility Show them you care about them as a human being and not treat them as some machine
  • can you say CASUAL FRiDAY!!!!!!!!!!! get a snack machine !
  • To motivate your employees give them positive reinforcements. Tell them you are really impressed by the hard work they have been doing and how they are working together as a team. With the great things you are seeing you know that we will continue to be successful etc etc. Let them know that they are appreciated. When you feel good about what you are doing and have pride in your work you are motivated to keep it up and prove that you are all the things that are being said.
  • People are motivated by different things. But most will respond to a sense of identity with the company. The quick and easy answer for this is to provide them with an interest in the if the company does well, so do they...just as they suffer if the company does poorly. Each employee must be made to feel his/her job is vital to the overall well-being of the company. Each employee should feel loyal to the company. What inspires this is participation in the company, a feeling of belonging, and a certain knowledge that they will be taken care of by the company if they take care of the company. The answer isn't simple but there are companies who have been successful. It takes a sincere effort on the part of management/owners. And consistent effort.
  • Top 10 Ways to Motivate Employees Build Team Spirit When CEO Dan Moffat wanted to decorate New Edge Networks' office space, he handed the task to the employees. The exercise has reinforced the company's team spirit and given employees a sense of company ownership. Eliminate Boundaries Sharing knowledge is commonplace, regardless of where you are on the organizational chart at Paetec. Everyone at the company is expected and encouraged to think "full circle," which means employees think about how a task will or won't benefit a customer. Discover What Makes Each Person Tick Instead of creating a program that addresses the entire company, try individualizing your motivational program. By collecting very specific information on each employee, you can create employee-tailored services that speak to their specific needs. Offer Interesting Perks Mary Naylor, CEO of VIPdesk, designs "experience-driven" rewards for corporate clients, which include personal chef services, makeovers, and even circus lessons. Her own company uses a "layered" bonus system using different rewards for different circumstances. Ask For Feedback and Act On It CEO S. Kenneth Kannappan regulary canvasses his workforce at Plantronics for suggestions on how to do things better. Feedback from employee statisfaction surveys have led to changes in retirement plans and training, and monthly town-hall meetings open the floor to further suggestions. Recognize Accomplishments Recognition happens all of the time at Paetec, where CEO Arunas Chesonis is known for writing small notes and sticking his head in office doors to tell a person, "Job well done." Build Career Paths At the beginning of each year, employees at the Revere Group develop individual growth plans with company-assigned mentors. This "career pathing" program includes the progress employees need to make to get a promotion, quarterly updates on their progress, and periodic check-ins with their mentors. Reward Creativity Voyant Technologies invites its employees to submit ideas via an intranet. The winners with the best ideas, who are chosen on a quarterly basis, receive funds and time to develop their ideas. Runners-up receive an award and recognition as well, which according to CEO Bill Ernstrom, helps fuel future innovation. Open The Books Paul and Peter Centenari built an extraordinary corporate culture at Atlas Container by giving workers meaningful input into business decisions. By opening its books, the company's employees were given the opportunity to do things such as help the business cut costs and vote on health care coverage. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements Take the stress out of the workweek by offering employees more flexibility in how they work. Mitchell Burman, CEO of Analytics Operations Engineering, allows employees to work remotely, work flexible hours, and set their own vacation time.
  • compensation for quality work. Bonuses, awards, holiday turkeys, or anything else that compensates them for going above and beyond. ALl the talking about feeling appreciated, etc., is fine, but without actually showing that their work is appreciated and just providing lip service makes it all very fake.
  • I have directionals, and hand out candy and lottery tickets to people who do exceptional jobs.
  • Let them take responsibility for something that will challange them - and make darn sure they get the credit they deserve if they make a success of it. Let your employees know that they are encouraged to use all their knowledge, capabilities and experience - and it does not matter to you if they have pieces of paper or not stating they are 'qualified' to do it. Bottom line - the labourer is worthy of his hire...that is the ethos I have followed with my employees and they have never disappointed me when it comes to being trustworthy in their work ethic. But,
  • Bonuses.
  • get back to work or you're all fired usually works for me when I hear it lmao
  • The best way to motivate employees is to give them praise and show your appreciation. Giving an employee a thank you for a job well done and treating them with respect is a great way to have loyal workers who are happy to pitch in when needed.

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