• Class is not a matter of money, it is a matter of attitude. As one English Aristocrat said, the middle classes are those who wan their children to do better than them. If you are an aristocrat, you are already at the top so your children can go no further. If you are working class, you want your children to work in a factory like you do. Maybe a nicer factory, and maybe make a grade or two better, but the same thing. The middle classes are the people who want their children to do better than they did. To go to university when they didn't, to get a doctorate when they only got a first degree. A gardener can dress like a gardener because he is one. A duke can dress like a gardener because he knows he is the summit of creation and doesn't need clothes to say so. But a middle class person has to wear designer gardening clothes because they are not certain they are gardening properly, and the clothes will tell everybody else that they are even when they are not certain themselves.

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