• These dogs do have alot of eyes and hip trouble. If you have big dogs in the house or yard with your Peke Just be careful with horse play this can lead to eye trauma or infection if big dogs are allowed to play to rough. Other than That it would be wise to purchase a book all about the breed and discuss any questions with your breeder.
  • Being that she's so small and young.... be careful about hypoglycemia. It is a possible problem with all toy breed puppies. Be sure to not over-handle your puppy and allow for rest and alone time. Like all babies, puppies need to have a regular schedule of rest, meals, play and potty! :)
  • YES THERE IS A LOT YOU SHOULD KNOW. ill hit all the high points if you're interested in reading it all: pekes are very loyal, very loving, very in tune with whats going on, very close to his owners. my peke tends to sleep during the day and then get excited to take walks and play in the nighttime. yes, they are hard to train mine will just bark at me if i tell him to sit when offering him a treat. BUT DONT let them tell you that they are impossible to housetrain. THEY ARE NOT! people just arent willing to put in the effort. it ONLY took about 1 to 2 weeks max to get him to understand that the outdoor grass is pee-zone. but we had to take him out to the grass EVERY hour every day for 1-2 weeks. but thats all it takes. then he continued to go out on his own, and even scratched the door or came to us to let us know. it would be worth it to even make him a doggy door. OVerall, pekes are GORGEOUS but need LOTS of attention and care The only reason i dont give a 10/10 for pekingese is because my pekingese is extremelyyyy stubborn, jealous, picky, and just an overall alpha dog. he fits the full description of a pekingese behavior if you ever have the misfortune of getting a purebred that exhibits all anticipated qualities. another thing is that mine gets anxious and territorial about his space when it comes to other dogs. these dogs need LOTS of attention and love. THEY HATE being left alone. if you want a dog that you can just have around the nose without giving him lots of attention and by being home a lot, then THIS DOG IS NOT FOR YOU. they HAVE to have their eyes cleaned daily, they HAVE to have AC or a high fan because they are heat intolerant due to their badly evolved face that causes them to have difficulty breathing and also causes breathing noises, wheezing etc. they cannot tolerate heat. they tend to have plaque issues so their teeth need to be brushed as well as receiving professional dental cleaning every year or so from the vet, or even non anesthetic procedures if available. PEKES ARE PICKY EATERS! THEY WILL TEST YOU! dont give in, and make sure you stick to a stable diet and try not to give them table scraps beside their dog food. MAKE SURE to choose a high quality premium dog food with no corn, soy, all of the bad ingredients that you find in a dog food from a grocery store. BAD food examples include: IAMS, PURINA, PEDIGREE, KIBBLES N BITTS, basically anything you can find in a grocery store. FEED THEM GOOD FOODS LIKE: NATURAL BALANCE, NATURES VARIETY, CANIDAE, SOLID GOLD, WELLNESS, MERRICKS, ETC. also be sure to change up dog brands every so often to make sure they dont get bored as well as making sure they dont develop nutritional deficiences as pekes can have a lot of health problems. IF YOU ate the same meal every single day for the rest of your life, do you expect to be balanced and healthy overall? LAST THING, if you plan to get two dogs, be sure to get them together and dont wait until your dog is 3 years old to bring another dog into the house because by then, your peke will be spoiled rotten and you will have extreme problems getting him to be less territorial and aggressive with the dog. they are very jealous about their owners, food, and space. my dog has peke companion next door that he LOVES to play with, but after hes tired of playing, he will growl, bite, and physically push the other dog out of the door to get him to leave. if we pick up the other dog he will go crazy mad and become aggressive with the other dog. You must be an understanding, patient, and caring with this particular breed. they have special needs. do as much research as you can on them and i would consider buying them a pekingese book to help you know how to best care for them. they can be very vulnerable and have a massive aray of health issues if not attended to in specific ways
  • You have to care for their nose and eyes a little more than some other toy breeds because of the way they are exposed.

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