• 12-30-2016 You need to get a dictionary and learn what the words mean. Yes, a lot of people read the dictionary just to learn what words mean. Love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it. It has no particular relation to liking or companionship or infatuation. Love is a responsibility that you take.
  • Give a year or more. Infatuation fades in time. Love has ups and downs but in the long run will prevail it it really is love.
  • They are both part of love - relationship. Don't take it so seriously - "love" is no panacea or cure-all. How about when you're ready for the responsibility?
  • If u desire to hook up with the person and you think they're hot the feelings are most likely sexual....however if you are interested in that plus having a romantic relationship you are probably in love.
  • Time. Infatuation is temporary and superficial
  • Unfortunately too many people marry when they are infatuated mainly with sex. Then when the infatuation wears off and the sex gets stale the couple divorces often after children are born causing all kinds of problems. Love takes time to develop it is not instantaneous. Many women will not have sex unless they are married and often marry to have sex then the problems begin. I cannot say how long it takes for a couple to be truly in love because there are too many variables that occur in a relationship. I would estimate a minimum of 6 months but better in more than a year to a year and a half. I know because I married twice for infatuation and once for just plain stupidity. I am divorced now and not sure if I ever want to travel down any aisles anymore.
  • Depends if you're a man or a woman. I think women fall in love more and men tend more towards infatuation.
  • when its love u will miss him endlessly, no matter what. and it includes his attitude also.

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