• No I have not!
  • no i have not, and i have gone to chiropractors for years, and i have worked for one for 4 years.
  • Nope...It would seem they would need to apply a lot more force than they use in adjustments than it would take to actually break your spine/neck and damage the spinal cord.
  • One of the reasons I can still walk without back surgery is because of my chiropractor. Otherwise they'd have had to fuse four disks in my lower back.
  • I HAVE heard of this...I've read a bunch of articles about how Chiropractors have really messed people up! Patients becoming paralyzed are not COMMON, but it has happened. Most people who are injured by chiropractors suffer chronic back pain or damaged joints. They have to keep going back to the chiropractor for the rest of their lives just to feel better (or have surgery)...makes me wonder if some of those chiropractors hurt people on purpose and just TELL them it's a chronic problem caused by something else...just to keep them coming back (and paying every time) Another interesting fact: Chiropractors are NOT doctors. They don't go to medical school. If a chiropractor has "Dr." in front of his name and he DOESN'T have an MD...that means he just added the title so you THINK he's a doctor. They wear the white coat and you'll trust them. Most insurance recognizes the potential for abuse by chiropractors and therefore do not cover chiropractic therapy. If you get a chance, look up the history of'll find that the man who started it just decided to "make up" a new field of medicine. He claimed to heal a deaf man by manipulating bones in his neck. The whole profession is based on this claim. I'll never go to a Chiropractor.
  • No, not in going to chiropractors since the age of 9 and I'm 52 now. The two cases I have heard of or known about that have caused problems were both done by someone who thought they could do what a chiropractor does and one tried twisting the neck and the other lifted and twisted the body. I've seen too mnay people who think their friend can do it just as well and it doesn't cost anything but I'm sorry. That's WAY too dangerous.
  • I knew a guy, then in med school, now a brain surgeon (really) who claimed there were cases of injured spines and the patient suffering from incontinence as a result of the treatment. He didn't seem like the type of person to say this kind of thing just to pass along an urban myth, without having heard the details.
  • No, but I had one that almost crippled me and used ice. It was really bad, and on top of that , my husband at the time informed me , after the fact, that chiropractors do not need you to take your clothes off lol
  • Yes it is uncommon but can happen. As can stroke secondary to chiroprctic manipulationn. search "paralyzed by chiropractor" in google and you'll get multiple news article hits.

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