• That depends on how understanding the other person is and if they are able to handle being #2 (the narcissist is always thinks of themselves first). My husband is narcissistic and even though it is tough at times we manage to make it work (we have been together 16 years married almost 10). I find that if I constantly stroke his ego and watch the way I word critisism we get along fine. The biggest problems I have is getting him to do things that dont "benifit" him like going with me to the doctor and such and dealing with him never admitting when he is at fault for something (he always has an excuse or finds somebody else to blame for the circumstances that caused him to be wrong). Fortunatly there is a million amazing and fantastic aspects to him that make the "flaws" forgivable.
  • Frankly, I've known plenty of narcissists and have yet to find one that is whole or healthy at all. If their relationships are long lasting it will only be with someone that can worship them the way they want to be (they'd never stay with someone that didn't kiss the ground they walk on) and that person generally ends up either really damaged or completely unhappy in the relationship. My best advice is to steer clear of narcissists, and if you are one, get the help you need so you don't destroy yourself, your opportunities, and the people in your life in the process.
  • probably not that often

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