• No, but I'd sure like them to steal the whole thing. It has comp and I could get a new one. *lol*
  • Yes. They took my car stereo. The car was a POS, but I had put in a decent stereo.
  • Mine hasn't but my mom's has and her stereo was taken.
  • Yes..amatuers..they ripped apart the entire dashboard just to take the stereo..LOL
  • In June my company vehicle was broken into at the Holiday Inn in New Braufels, Texas. I was there on business. The got my GPS unit, digital cameral and laser range finder amognst many other things including my personal checkbook. A check hit my bank two weeks later for $2,940 and some change. I notified New Brunfels police and signed an affidavit at my bank. The money was returned to my account. The moron cashed it at his own bank in Universal City, near San Antonio. It's a 2nd degree felony and he is up shit creek. Most of the items stolen were company owned and they have replaced them. The silver lining is my stolen camera was 3.1 MP and my new one is 10 MP.
  • Yes, while we were at the bar (With a designated driver). We caught him in the act and we were all feeling tough so we started pushing him around when his friend came out of nowhere with a gun... Not cool, luckily nobody was hurt. Nothing was stolen but there was damage to the car, If only we had stayed for another beer, the car would have been stolen and would insurance would have paid more than it would have sold for.
  • Tools and, oddly, my Yankee Umbrella. I am still looking for a rainy day Yankee Fan.
  • Yes it was, and strangely they didnt take anything. I think the police who go through the area probably scared them off.
  • yes and there was nothing in it to steal...but I had a lock on the wheel so they just smashed all the windows
  • Yes. The window as busted out and a bunch of CD's and a bottle of cologne were stolen.
  • My doorlocks were frozen one cold winter and I was wondering how to get in the next morning. When I got there, somebody had been there first, because he left his lock pick, but he didn't find the kill switch. He took nothing, and got nothing, and did me a favor.
  • Yes I had a nice car stereo ripped out of my dashboard with a cd still inside. The thief also damaged the harness (wiring) and I had to have it replaced, along with the cracked dash panel.
  • Yeah, my cd player and cd's were stolen. wasn't actually broken into, more like, I left my door unlocked and someone went in there in the middle of the night and stole my stuff. But, I don't live in a bad neighborhood and how the crap did they know my door was unlocked? Anyway, bad stuff :)
  • Many years ago we went to a concert and since it was a long drive we had to spend the night at my parents. So, we brought a lot of clothes for a long visit and also tools for the long trip. And we had bought an antique armoire, too, in pieces in the back of our van. The parking lot for the concert was strange. It was a huge barren filed whee all the cars just parked very tightly together. YOu could barely walk between cars. Someone broke into our van and stole all of our clothes (other than the ones we were wearing.) THe stole the whole tool chest and the stereo and remote speakers we had. The spaces were probably too small between the van and the next car so they couldn't steal the antique, luckily. It was awful to feel so violated, especially after having such a great time at the concert.
  • Twice. My car stereo both times and a jacket.
  • Yes, a couple of times. The first time someone got into my car and too all my cassette music tapes while we were swimming. (that was 20 years ago) The second time, the whole car was taken. Stolen out of a gated parking lot. My husband was driving cross country and when he got back to Massachussetts the car was gone. It was found on the other side of Springfield. The back window had been broken out and the thief had found the hidden set of keys. Funny thing is he left a BTO cassette tape, a flashlight and a really nice jacket. Funny thing is, it was the second time that car had been stolen and returned. LOL
  • About two months ago, they broke my passenger side window and stole a gym bag with clothes, shoes, a small Coach bag and a brand new digital camera inside. I'm still upset about it, the worse part is that both the bag and the camera were a gift from my bf.
  • Yes. 3 cars and always the stereo!
  • Yes, I've had music tapes stolen from my car.

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