• Nope. I am just as much a person as anyone else I am sharing space with. No better and no worse.
  • I am sometimes uncomfortable, but not tense.
  • Depends on the situation. Going to a part of town that is mostly Asians to dine at one of their awesome restaurants, no problem. Walking into a bar with my hubby and a friend and every one in it was Hispanic's and stopped and stared at us....yeah...I didn't feel safe going to the bathroom. (blond hair, blue eye white girl here) I was a computer geek (network admin) and worked with men almost exclusively and it never bothered me. So, I guess it depends more on how the majority treat/perceive me that makes it uncomfortable.
  • just so long as other people dont care. i go to a school where the population is about 50% minority 50% whiteys, and its cool there, cause nobody really cares about what color your skin is.
  • Not anymore. I used to in my younger years.
  • Not at all..I got invited to a family reunion by an elderly african american(she said I should just say black,it offends some) last summer and I have never had soooo much fun. If people just see me as a person as I do them..nothing to feel tense over :)
  • Such insecurity would make my life really difficult as I am a white Anglo-Saxon who does not speak Spanish living right on the US-Mexico boarder. I am in the minority just about anywhere I go around here. ;-)
  • No, not at all. I love cultural diversity.
  • It would depend on who I'm with & if the minority wanted me there
  • If you mean racially, then not really. If you mean socially, definitely not. In fact, I love the challenge of respectfully debating my point against a group. It's more satisfying than one-on-one.
  • I find it amusing. One debate trip from out school, I was the only female, the only freshman at the time, and the only caucasian. =) I had fun with it.

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