• The GPS unit itself does not provide you with this information, unless you accept constant changes in elevation as you move as an indication the area os hilly. Navigation systems, on the other hand, use a GPS unit to locate your position, your direction of travel, and your speed, combined with an internal database that contains street and land contour data, to create an image with your location shown relative to objects in the world. The user of the system makes the assumption, for example, that a city map showing an expressway with your vehicle overlayed on it means that you are travelling on such a road. This system will fail if the street you are driving on or searching for is not in the navigation system's database. The street I have been living on for the past 1-1/2 years is only on one map and is not included in most navigation systems. The map that does show it, shows it in the wrong location. Any navigation system that used that map company's data would not be able to show you how to find my house.
  • Red John is right on....I'd also like to add that some GPS units (Garmin Nuvi for one) offer subscriptions to MSN Direct, FM TMC Traffic, and XMNavTraffic. With MSN Direct, you can get traffic updates, weather conditions, and even gas prices. You can actually locate the nearest cheapest gas stations wherever you are in the country. This stuff is so cool.
  • WAZE has current info.

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