• Now? Yes. I think they pretty much do.
  • One of my sisters who live there , thinks he's a joke and so do I + 5
  • I'm actually traveling in California right now and have asked several people this question. They don't find him any better or worse than any of their other Governors. He might have a more recognizable face, but he is just one man in a system of checks and balances who at the end of the day is only the front man for the decisions made by a large team.
  • You mean the Governator? Which as a native Californian is what I call him. He was a great actor but so far not a great governor.
  • He has done a much better job than I thought he would...I think he is greatly influenced by his wife and has become a Governor who can set political affiliations aside when necessary to get something done for the good of the state and the people. :)
  • how can you take him seriously...?
  • He was elected right? There's your answer...
  • None of the Californians that I know take him seriously. Most of us are embarrassed that he got elected at all. The problem is that not enough people vote. We have a state of over 33 million people. During the recall election in 2003, Arnold got elected with 3.7 million votes. In 2006, he got reelected with about 4.8 million votes. Why, in a state of 33 million people, where over 24 million people are age 18 and over, did less than 10 million people vote? That's what we need to change. Here's a fun fact - I graduated from university while Arnold was in office. His signature is on my diploma. I worked my butt off for 8 years after high school, only to have my diploma printed with a signature from the Terminator. Super.
  • We take him very seriously. Agree or disagree, he is a very bright man and a very effective politician.
  • They have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him. Just look at this press conferance clip about how he is dealing with the problem of illegal aliens.
  • Uh, that's Arnold Schwartzen-Shriver to all you foreigners (which includes anyone from anyplace other than California, Austria, Ireland or Boston).
  • they did re-elect him...didn't they? There's your answer. What else from a shallow state consumed with their own vanity?
  • No, he won because he is Arnold. I personally can't stand him.
  • Arnold is proving to be a good governor and very active in making positive changes in the state, even against a quite liberal legislature with a big majority. He has handled things like the LA fire situation with great efficiency and has earned his legitimacy as governor. He is much better than our last idiot governor, Gray Davis, who couldn't even keep our electricity on and kept trying to make the people pay for it, as well as made many businesses leave the state with unfair tax practices, etc. Arnold has actually turned the tide and started getting businesses to come back to the state.
  • I suppose they take him as seriously as the Americans took Ronald Reagan as a President.
  • He's smart and savvy. He has a sense of humor and doesn't seem to have a big head (figuratively speaking). He's got way more guts than most politicians do - most pols are wusses who won't put their next term at risk. Schwartzenegger will take on the opposition, win, AND retain their goodwill. He's funny - on purpose, not by accident. We Californians were astonished to find out just how good a governor he is. But our astonishment went away quite soon after his first election, and now most of us just think, "Way to go, Arnie."
  • absolutely not..unfortunately..
  • He is a two faced lier who did the opposite of what he said.He is taking the money away from people with disabilitys who are unable to care for themselves.Thats the same as someone molesting children or beating a puppy.We can all rot and die as far as he's concerned.However his personal fire engines we use are better than cal-fires more room in the cab.

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