• Hi cuttergirl, Currently, Americans can go to Mexico without a passport. However, starting on Jan.1 2008 they will need a passport.
  • We do need the passports. I am only 2 miles away from the Mexican border, and I cross the border every so and often. It is concluded that we do need passports just to travel to Mexico by the end of the year. As of right now, we do not need the passports.
  • as far as i know you do not need a passport to travel mexico BUT it would not hurt to go ahead and get one.if you are going on a cruise w/ports in mexico you do need one but crossing the border @ laredo, elpaso, no.
  • If you are driving no, if you are traveling by air, you are supposed to have one, however, backlogs at the passport office have temporarily suspended this rule as far as re-entering the US. See the link below from the US Dept. of State:
  • I strongly believe that if you are traveling by auto, why should you. I am all in favor of a passport needed to be used when traveling to Mexico if you are flying there by air place.
  • Actually, for Canada (the border closer to me) the passport requirement kicks in next month - in mid-September. It was supposed to be the first of THIS year, but they held it off since there is a huge backlog on getting passports out. I'm not sure about Mexico, but I would think the same applies there, no?
  • You will need your passport to get in/out of Mexico begining June 1, 2008. This date was moved back from December 31, 2007/January 1, 2008 to give more time b/c there is a "backlog" in passport requests. Hope this helps. We just returned from our second mission trip to Mexico and will be returning in June/July!
  • I remember when I went to mexico I had to get a state ID(I was a minor, just needed a picture ID) and birth certificates, and maybe something else, but we didn't get passports.
  • You are going to need a passport eventually so why not get ahead of the crowd and do it now? At about $10 a year for 10 years, it is a travel bargain.
  • actually you do need a passport to travel to mexico.
  • probably
  • You need one any where out of the country.

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