• He's provided creation as proof.. now all that's needed from you is "faith".
  • The best way to get that is to ask God to reveal himself to you. It sounds flip, but it really is the best way. Ask him to make it so that you couldn't miss it for the world. That is a prayer he is sure to answer promptly. I will also pray for you.
    • BarElohim
      No one Knows the Father but the Son, and only the Son can reveal Him...
    • BarElohim
      God is not His name, only His job description. His name is Jesus. And only Jesus Knows the father, and only the Son can reveal His reality to you.
  • I think what you're experiencing is very common. If you have a church, you should talk to your minister. He/she can give you guidance to help you get your faith back. If you don't have a church, go to a nondenominational church and talk to the minister there.
  • Talk to God and ask him to shed some light in your time of trials. Ask him for wisdom and understanding, and guidance in your search for the truth. Everyone who believes there is a God experience this feeling at one time or another. I hope you find your answers soon. God bless you.
  • God is anything you want it to be; anything you believe in. Religion is a state of mind you dedicate yourself to and believe in. You don't have to be part of an organized religion to be religious, or to believe in something; anything. Believe in yourself, and more will start to come together right before your very eyes. Believe, just believe in anything you wish to believe in, and that becomes your faith. It needs not a name, but devotion.
  • I was a Catholic who lost my faith for many years before returning to the church and my faith. The one thing I could not get past as an atheist was the beginning of the universe. Even with the Big Bang theory which starts with one particle and turns into the whole universe, that one particle could not have come from nowhere. God had to have put it there to start the whole thing off. That was the beginning of bringing me back to my faith, realizing that something could not have come from nothing and someone had to have created it. ALso, if it means anything, ALbert Einstein said that the deeper he got in understanding the universe the more he believed in God, realizing that the perfection of it all could not have just been a series of random events. Good luck finding God again.
  • You won't find proof of God, if that's what you seek. It's about blind faith, a leap into the dark, and when you die you'll find out if you guessed right or not...
  • Study theology - when you do, you will see that many have a similiar message of Love and Light. Embrace what is unique in each one and you will find the love of God, Prime Creater, Higher Power in all of theology. The love of god is present in all of creation, we are all connected to that love, it doesn't matter how you believe - just believe that you are loved, be a receiver and a giver of that love. Many Blessings ~
  • Proof is not faith, and the Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please Him. However, God has actually given us proof of His existence by Creation(Romans 1:20). What you are going through is only human. There were(and still are) times when I have had doubts in my faith and in my Lord. Just read and study the Scriptures and pray to your Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to help you and strengthen your faith in Christ. I have to do it a lot. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in faith and He will, in His love for you, help you in your time of need. I hope that this is helpful. :) -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • No wonder you are having trouble with your faith. Because there is no proof. That is what faith is all about. However, you only have to look about you to see miracles and you only have to ask God for help on this and it will be there for you. Faith can be tested in many ways and having doubts is part of that. Ask God for help in this.
  • If believing in God makes you feel better than why not do it anyway? Why do you have to KNOW? Think of it like this, if there is no god, then fine, you die. That's it. But if you believed in a god during your life and it make you happy then you lived a more enriched life.
  • The four seasons, the stars, the sun, the air you breath, waking up each morning, the food you eat, the birth of a new baby, or the site of a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, should be all the proof any one needs. Sit and think a moment. if none of the above were available to you, would you be breathing and living on earth? Humans take everything for granted. we only assume that our everyday surroundings, were established like magic. it did not happen that way. there was a plan and the plan is excellent. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Okay, Nike, the way I do it is to study and pray EVERY day. You may do this also, but it is very easy to start doubting if you don't remain a part of it every day. By that, I also mean to gather together with like-minded people, (in church, Bible studies, (which can be at someones house, at the church, at home, etc.), and as some others already said, talk to a minister, pastor, sunday school teacher, church elder, etc. I also use study helps, (like "the Daily Bread", lots of lesson books you can pick up at a Christian bookstore). You can also look at several versions of the Bible. I, personally, like the "Open" Study Bible. Just make sure you get versions that help you to understand better, and not a version that only a scholar could understand. And, finally, look around you. Life shows us miracles every day that help prove God's existence. The birth of a baby, a good close friend who sticks beside you no matter what happens, the beauty of a rose garden, or a majestic mountain range, etc. The times I really know God is there, are the times when a person is given 1 year to live, and that person is still here 10 years later. When even the doctors can't explain why. Pray every day, Nike, and I believe God will comfort you.
  • My son & I debate religion often. He tells me about science & I tell him that God created science. Nothing so organized & beautiful could just happen.
  • I can't convince you,but,I will say this, who am I to say he is or isn't.
  • He gives us free will. To reveal Himself or cure people who are sick that you love just to prove His existence .. is not free will. I know that sounds harsh but from my many years of doubting on and off.. this is what the Word taught me. He wants us to live, love and enjoy life.. we make things much more harder than it is. He knows you better than you do and He knows when you are struggling.. if you need His help.. ask Him for it. Acknowledge Him. Talk to Him and He will be there. He never leaves us.. we leave Him. Talk to Him like you would a friend.. no fronts.. no properness needed.. He aready knows what is going on with you but wants you to talk to Him. My life is never worth a flip without Him in it. I have never seen Him or heard His voice but I have felt Him. I need nothing in front of my eyes to prove to me that He is with me always. I stray and turn my back on living right and choose to instead do for memememe.. but I never go too far because I can tell you that the peace He can put into you is unforgettable. Even with my fleshy, selfish and sinful ways.. I will not turn from the peace I asked for.. and He allows me to feel. Asking others can lead to treacherous waters.. even with those who speak of their love for Him. People tell you what they know of Him and it may not be correct. So many people spout off their belief in Him yet like to speak FOR Him. What He would do to this person.. or that person or who is going to Heaven and who is not. None of us know jack. Only He does and only He should matter. He is love and those who do not talk in/with Love to others.. are not talking for Him. I watch "christians" spout against gays, drinking.. sinners.. blah blah and with their mouths condemn people to hell. That is NOT the way of Jesus. So be careful asking for help from anyone but Him. Talk to Him and He will bring you comfort. Edits ~ He loves you. Not as the world loves you.. He truly loves you. If you are angry.. confused or hurting and feel like yelling at Him .. do it. He is there for you and He knows the pains of this world. His Word proves it as He tells of all the things we will go through. There is nothing you cannot say to Him or no emotion you cannot display to Him. Just please talk to Him because He needs to feel you too. When you talk to Him.. you acknowledge Him and bring Him closer to you. I have said some crazy things to Him. Cried at Him.. yelled.. begged.. and I have truly felt His presence. Talk to Him.. because we can offer support.. but not His love or His peace.
  • I once a proof of the existence of God, in a sort of "Socratic dialogue" play form. It may not necessarily prove the existence of the specific Christian deity, but it proves that there is ONE God that is conceivable, necessarily exists, is rational, ordered and ordering, intelligent, eternal, immutable (unchanging), perfect, absolute, good, knowable, and incomprehensible / ineffable. The proof only requires pure logic, with no or few first principles or assumptions. IF you find that there are logical flaws, or errors in my argument, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I don't mind constructive criticism - in fact I crave it. But also don't be a jerk and criticize (or downrate!) without saying why. Here it is (it's long, sorry, but a good read): Proof of the Existence of God GLAUCON: So how are we to understand the argument as presented by Parmenides? ADIMANTUS: Yes, Socrates, I for one was thoroughly confused by the complexity of the discourse that has been related to us by yourself. SOCRATES: Well, my friends, I will try to explain it to you as I comprehend it, and I think you shall then see its meaning and significance. I have contemplated the words of Parmenides and Zeno a great deal, and I believe that what they asserted is true. CEPHALUS: Come now, Socrates, stop beating around the bush and tell us what this dizzying display of dialectic amounts to. SOCRATES: Very well, though I am now an old man, and as the wise sage we recollected that came before me did say, this is a very difficult task you set for me. But since we are all friends here, interested in getting at the truth, I do not believe there is any danger, as long as I am aided in the usual way through the answering of my questions as we carry on. GLAUCON: I think I speak for all of us when I say that we shall give you any assistance you require, and that we have confidence in your abilities. SOCRATES: Good. Then let us begin by analyzing the nature of the One. The One, for the purposes of the argument, is defined to be the abstract principle or form of oneness or unity. ADIMANTUS: Agreed. SOCRATES: The One, being the form of unity, cannot admit to itself anything other than absolute oneness, since if it were more than one, it would no longer be what it essentially is, but would instead be many, or a plurality of things. So by definition the One must be perfectly one in all respects. CEPHALUS: Yes, yes, I understand that, but what of it? SOCRATES: It is vital to our description of the One, and to the conclusions of the argument, to keep this in mind, that the One, the abstract idea of oneness, must by its very nature be absolutely and perfectly one. It is clear from this that the One can only have one property, that of unity, for if it were to have two properties, it would be not one but two. CEPHALUS: So it seems. SOCRATES: However, we are immediately presented with a difficulty, that which at first seems quite insurmountable. GLAUCON: And what, pray tell, is this problem as you see it? SOCRATES: It should be quite obvious. We are experiencing its most direct effects at this very moment. CEPHALUS: Stop speaking in riddles, as to confuse us, and tell us what this difficulty is. SOCRATES: Ah, Cephalus, it seems I shall not get relief of any of my responsibility from you. The difficulty is that we are conceiving of the One. That it is being conceived necessarily implies that it is conceivable, which also means that it contains the property of conceivability. ADIMANTUS: I agree. SOCRATES: And there is another difficulty. We are correctly speaking of the One as being one, and being conceivable, which means that the One must also contain the property of being or existence. We have identified three properties, oneness, conceivability, and being, where there can be only one property by necessity. GLAUCON: I see what you mean. That most certainly is a difficulty. How are we to resolve this problem, without making the absurd claim that one can be many? SOCRATES: That would be absurd indeed. So there must be another resolution, which takes into account both sets of facts. We know that by definition the One can only contain one property, and yet we can be equally sure that the One is conceivable and that is exists by what we have already said. But this can only be an apparent contradiction. Looking at what we know, it seems clear that there can be only one alternative. That what up until now we have distinguished as three separate qualities, unity, conceivability, and existence, are in actuality one property, that the three properties must be one and the same, equatable and identifiable with one another. ADIMANTUS: Yes, I agree that that must be so. But what does that imply? SOCRATES: It implies many things about the nature of reality. Most particularly, it proves absolutely that everything that exists is one, and that everything that exists is conceivable. This is truly what Parmenides intended by his proof. But it seems clear to me that his proof was an incomplete proof, and that more things follow from it than he even imagined. GLAUCON: Just what exactly are you thinking of, Socrates, and what else does it imply, and in what direction do you intend to take the argument? SOCRATES: I will tell you. What I intend is nothing less than a proof for the existence of God, based on what I see to be the implicit properties of the One. The One is to be shown to be what we mean when we speak of "god", by an accurate description of its properties. CEPHALUS: This has struck my curiosity, and you must continue. What are these properties you speak of, which are further implied by the nature of the One? SOCRATES: One property that presents itself is that of reason. The property of rationality must be present in something that can be described and spoken of rationally, and it cannot be denied that we have been describing the One through reason. So it must contain the property of reason. What also is evident is that the One must contain the property of limit, since by virtue of existing, it is limited to being instead of not being, by virtue of being conceivable, it is limited to being conceivable as opposed to inconceivable, and so on with the other properties. Reason, unity, and limit amount to what we describe as order, as what exists within rational limits in a unified way most explicitly defines the ordered. Or don't agree? GLAUCON: Yes, those properties must follow from the One as we have described it. SOCRATES: Now I shall make a claim that most probably shall not be accepted as readily as the earlier assertion. ADIMANTUS: What is this claim? GLAUCON: Yes, tell us. We are all friends here. Inform us as to what you desire to assert in relation to the argument of the One. SOCRATES: I shall, but I think you will understand my reservation when I say what I must. CEPHALUS: Go on, and don't delay any longer. SOCRATES: I mean to make the claim that the One is intelligent, in other words, that it contains the property of intelligence. GLAUCON: I can certainly see why you hesitated. Explain to us what you mean, and how you come to this conclusion. SOCRATES: This requires an investigation into the nature of intelligence. We must consider what it essentially means to be intelligent, and what the distinction is between intelligence in the abstract and particular examples of intelligent things. GLAUCON: That seems fair. SOCRATES: I am glad you agree. Then let us press on with the argument. The property of intelligence must be distinguished from the property of consciousness, since these things are certainly not equivalent, and we do in fact speak sometimes of things that lack consciousness as being intelligent. Now we must consider what intelligence means in all these cases, and then see whether or not we can find it in the One. The inanimate objects we identify as intelligent, we identify as such because they remind us of intelligent design, and it is a type of design that is geometrical, orderly, and rational. ADIMANTUS: I agree. SOCRATES: And what of intelligent men? Are they not men that act and think in an orderly and rational manner, as opposed to chaotic and irrationally? GLAUCON: Yes, that is certainly so. ADIMANTUS: I very much agree. SOCRATES: It seems that intelligence is in fact the properties of order and reason. We have already shown these to be present in the nature of the One, so it naturally follows that the One can correctly be said to contain the property of intelligence. The One is intelligent. CEPHALUS: So it seems. SOCRATES: A few other properties come to the surface, which are implied from what we have said. The One, being all that exists, contains everything else that exists as a subset of itself. Now time, as we perceive it, seems to partake in existence, so in fact it must be contained within the larger set of all that is. Is it agreed that a thing cannot be contained by something if it contains that something? GLAUCON: Yes, that seems an accurate statement of fact. SOCRATES: Well, if time exists, it must be as a subset of existence, meaning it is contained by the greater magnitude of that set. Being contained by the set of all things that exist, necessarily implies that time cannot conversely contain that set. So the One must exist outside of time. Thus, the One is eternal, containing the property of eternality. This leads us to another property of the One, which may either be called immutability or perfection. The One, being eternal, cannot change, or be anything else but perfectly what it eternally is, since change is a process that requires existence in time as a predicate for its own existence. Both qualities, eternality and immutability, are the components in the definition of the what the property of absoluteness essentially are, so the One is also absolute, containing the property of absoluteness. GLAUCON: I can find no fault with what you have said. SOCRATES: Good, then hopefully I shall not find too many objections to the next property I intend to identify in the One. ADIMANTUS: And what might that be? CEPHALUS: Yes, we are all ears. Please tell us what you intend, and do not evade the issue at hand. SOCRATES: I would not think of evading the argument, Cephalus, as it is of essential importance, as I think all of you would agree. The One contains the property of goodness. I am only afraid that to prove it is a more difficult task than any that has come before us. GLAUCON: That will be a tough claim to prove. But we will support you in the endeavor. SOCRATES: Thank you, because I shall need your support. The only way I can demonstrate that the One contains the property of goodness is to analyze the nature of goodness, and then see whether or not the One conforms to what we discover. GLAUCON: Yes, that seems a good plan of action. SOCRATES: Then to begin. What do we mean when we call something good? Can we mean anything else but that the thing performs with an excellence the unique and special function that it exists to perform? ADIMANTUS: That seems like a fair description of what we mean by goodness in general. SOCRATES: Is it not a manifestation of rationality when a thing that has been designed and that exists to perform a certain function does in fact perform that function with excellence? For example, we say a doctor is a good doctor when they perform their special function, that of the preservation of the health and well being of the body, with an excellence. The same thing applies to a weapon, since a weapon is only as good as its excellence in acts of warfare, for which it has been forged. GLAUCON: I agree. CEPHALUS: You mean to equate goodness with rationality, but I am not convinced. SOCRATES: You are very perceptive, Cephalus. That was what I saw as the natural consequence of the argument, but it seems I will have to go to further lengths to prove it to you, unequivocally. I shall proceed by taking up the original task with regard to a particular. GLAUCON: I do not follow your meaning. SOCRATES: It should be obvious enough, but I shall attempt to explain what I intend to do. The original task of which I spoke was that of the analysis of the nature of goodness. I began by demonstrating that the essence of goodness when it is used with regard to anything, is the performing with an excellence of the special function for which a thing uniquely exists. I thought it was clear from that that rationality was the same thing as goodness, but Cephalus has not been convinced. So now I shall try to prove exactly that, through another method. Surely most important of our uses of the word "good" is in our description of people. But if our earlier analysis was correct, which I believe it is, then we are presented with a very serious question indeed. If goodness means excellence in the performance of the function that a thing is uniquely suited to perform, then what is the unique function of people in general? ADIMANTUS: That is indeed a difficult question to answer. GLAUCON: Yes, Adimantus, I agree. For we are not speaking about men that acquire specific functions within a community and in doing so become more than simply strictly speaking people, but a kind of professional as well. No, we are speaking of a man only insofar as they are a person. SOCRATES: You understand my meaning very well, Glaucon. For it is a fact that a man that can be justifiably be called a bad person, can at the same time be called without contradiction a good physician, a good horse trainer, or so forth. GLAUCON: Indeed. SOCRATES: Well, if we are to discover what the unique function of people in general is, we shall have to define what a person essentially is, and see if we can find something in the nature of personhood that uniquely distinguishes people from all other things. If such a unique distinction exists, it is that which will be what we are looking for in the way of a special function unique to people, upon which we may base our judgement of a person's goodness. ADIMANTUS: Please proceed then, Socrates. SOCRATES: I think the best characterization of what a person is is that of a kind of mixture of the divine and the bestial. What I mean is that people embody the lower elements of appetites and lusts, as well as the higher element of reason. GLAUCON: Certainly, men have both the qualities you describe, Socrates. SOCRATES: Shall we then advance a definition of "person"? I suggest that a person must firstly be a being, and secondly be sentient, capable and in possession of interests and passions, and thirdly be rational, meaning that a person must have the capacity for rational thought. So a person is a rational sentient being. ADIMANTUS: So it seems. SOCRATES: Now that we have a working definition, we may attempt to discover whether or not there is a quality that is unique to people within that definition. What quality seems to be unique to people, based on what we have included in the definition? GLAUCON: Surely, it cannot be existence, for we would not even be able to speak or conceive of anything that does not exist, as the argument has already proved beyond a doubt, and certainly people are not unique in being beings. As for sentience, we share that quality with most, if not all, living things. The quality that seems uniquely personal must be rationality, and indeed I can think of nothing other than a person that does in fact have the capacity for rational thought. SOCRATES: Very astute, Glaucon. And since this is a quality uniquely possessed by people, one that clearly has as its own special function the making of judgements and the assessment of truth, it seems evident that to be rational is the special function of a person. The conclusion we can draw is that insofar as a person is rational in his behavior, they are to that degree good. And insofar as they are irrational, they are to that degree evil. ADIMANTUS: I agree. GLAUCON: You have demonstrated that what we call goodness is essentially rationality, without a doubt. CEPHALUS: It seems that that statement has been proven to be correct. SOCRATES: If we recall, rationality was among the properties we identified in the One. Since goodness and rationality are the selfsame property, we can rightly make the claim that the One is also the Good, containing the property of goodness indisputably. GLAUCON: It must be so. SOCRATES: Now I feel obligated to demonstrate for the sake of completeness two final properties readily observable in the One. First, it must contain the property of knowability, since we have ascertained certain knowledge of the nature of the One. ADIMANTUS: It must contain that property, yes. But what of the final quality? SOCRATES: Is it agreed that the One, being all that exists, is the most fundamental object of rational knowledge? GLAUCON: Certainly, but what of it? SOCRATES: The One, being the most fundamental of realities, must contain the property of incomprehensibility. Understanding means knowledge of a thing with regard to a more fundamental nature underlying that thing. But no more fundamental nature exists than the One. So it makes no sense to assert understanding of the One, where none can exist by definition. ADIMANTUS: Admirably demonstrated. GLAUCON: I agree. SOCRATES: We have shown the One to contain several properties. It contains by the argument the properties of unity, conceivability, being, rationality, limit, order, intelligence, eternity, immutability, perfection, absoluteness, goodness, knowability, and incomprehensibility. Let us not forget what has already been agreed upon, that the One can contain only one property, if it is to be one. So all of the properties we have mentioned are not in fact distinct from one another, but are really one in the same property, perfectly equatable and interchangeable with the others. May we say that the very being of the One puts upon us certain moral principles, that we are to embody in our lives, since the Good must be identical with the One and the Rational and the Limited, and so forth? GLAUCON: Yes, we most certainly may. SOCRATES: I for one, am satisfied, after discovering all of the properties of the One, most notably being that it is the Good, to assent that the One is what we commonly mean when we say "god". Thus, since the One clearly exists, and since the One is God, we have proven absolutely that God exists. GLAUCON: Most true.
  • It's normal to have doubts -- please don't feel guilty about it. I love the story in the book of Mark (9:18-25) in which the father of an afflicted boy comes to Jesus. He asks Him to heal his son, and Jesus says that it is possible if he believes. His response is, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief." Sometimes I feel like this story is in the Bible just to help us when we are experiencing exactly what you're going through. It reminds me that faith, like anything else in humans, is not perfect, but that God loves us anyway. When we are low in faith, the Spirit can minister to us and strengthen our belief. I can't know what's going on in your life right now, or how to help you specifically. I will say that you are welcome to email me ( if you need someone to talk to. If you're looking for God, though, He has promised that all who seek Him will find Him (Deuteronomy 4:29, Proverbs 8:17). You can find Him in the blessings of your life, and in the help of others. The fact that so many people have responded to your question is, I think, a good argument of God's love. So often He will manifest his presence through other people. If you don't have a church home, it would be a good idea to find one -- there is no reason for you to go through this difficulty alone. Please let me know if there is anthing I can do to help you.
  • During and after college I was totally burned out, stressed out, and didn't know whether anything like God existed. I think that the only way to know that God Is, is to be still and let him talk to you. As I said in a comment above, faith isn't a blind mental-only believing that certain facts might be true - it's setting forth with a hidden kind of pre-knowledge, a seed of trust, a willingness to be open, a willingness to listen and grow. Have a set quiet place for your daily quiet time, and it helps to have a set time. It's important to devote time to this - don't let things preempt it. You might find it very valuable to "prepare" and relax your mind by reading something inspirational; the Psalms and the Sermon on the Mount did it for me, or other inspirational books. Sit quietly and really focus and reflect on the meaning, on the mental image of a loving, caring God who sustains you every moment, holding you in the palms of his hands, loving you beyond human understanding. After a while it will become easier to be silent mentally, and peace and love will begin to seep in. Seek out a church, or people in your existing church, who will really listen and compassionately and gently suggest things to remind you of the truth. If they just say "read your Bible", that's something that I wouldn't find helpful. If they judge you, get away from them. Out in the world, see the beauty of nature, of a simple tree, of people. Send prayers and blessings their way, even (especially) for difficult people - see them as God sees them. Help people - in small unimportant everyday ways or as a volunteer; pray that God bring you "coincidental" opportunities to do so. Be gentle with yourself. Do not fear - there is no fear in God. Know that God is answering your prayers now, not only when you have pleaded enough. ("As you pray, know that you have already received it.", but pray and know that it will soon be visible on earth as it is already the truth in heaven, in spirit.) If you feel that you have missed out on God today, know that this is a sign of your soul's longing for more of God - this is the time to turn within and listen in stillnes. An amazing help to me was a little book, only about $5.99, called "Quiet Talks With The Master" by Eva Bell Werber, publisher is DeVorss & Co. They're probably on the web, but if not their address in the front of the book is PO Box 550, Marina Del Rey, CA, 90294. God is blessing you now!
  • What event caused your uneasiness? All I can say is that Mother Theresa had the same problem. You've got good company.
  • I don't know if this is too late but pray that god reveals himself to you, when in doubt, pray to him about it, he'll show you.
  • christians think that because holy virgin mary became pregnant with out making with any man , so that means that god is the one who brought him and that god is his father , come on guys it is not logical just think about it , then how come god created adam and eve with out any parents , that doesnt mean that god is the father of them too !! this is silly , god (allah) just brought jesus(peace be upon him) this way just to proove to the people that there is a creator who is the one and only god (allah), because during jesus's time there was a lot of people who were worshiping animals and stars and statues and some of them also believed that there is no god and that men and women are the only ones who create another child when they marry ,we muslims believe i jesus too and we follow his path but as a messenger of god not as god him self or the son of god , iam a 100% muslim and i love my religon , i really wish that all the people can go to heaven , but unfortunatly all the non-believers of islam will not go to heaven , because that what god(allah) mentioned in Quran , so i pray and wish for all u non-believers of islam to try to make a research about islam and to find the right path , just try please , you wont regret it,thank u for reading,byee :)
    • BarElohim
      Sorry but Jesus is God, was God, and ever shall be God...1 John 5: 20 And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life.
  • One example...and I hope it is not too ' heavy'... Why would a loving God like Jehovah allow innocent babies and children to die, either through wars, famine or even adult cruelty... On the surface of it it seems to lack compassion...especially when you are powerful enough to prevent such deaths...yet they happen. It is because Jehovah gifted his son [ Jesus ] to us to die on our behalf and cause death [ sin ] [imperfection ] to be done away with...and to enable the resurrection...of all those who have ever died... for them to have a second chance to ' standup ' [ in the flesh ] and be properly obedient... all the babies who have EVER died will have this chance...without even the requirement to be obedient...So Jehovah has forgotten nobody.. Those that unhappily died from a direct ' act of God' as a punishment will not be resurrected...
  • Read the book entitled, The Royal Law of Liberty: Living in Freedom Under Christ's Law of Love by Darwin Chandler. It should answer any questions you may have. Knowing the Lord God is real is something you have to decide your self. I can tell you He is real but I know so personally. just know He loves you and always will.
  • All religion is based on faith. You're not gonna get the proof you're looking for.
    • BarElohim
      Faith is the " Evidence" the " Substance" of things hoped for but not yet seen,.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Faith is faith. I'm not disparaging anyone's beliefs (raised Catholic, myself), but faith is not proof. It's not tangible.
  • maybe you can ask god to prove himself to you
  • Jesus said “happy Are those conscious of their spiritual need” in Matthew 5:3. You’re doing a great job by recognizing the need to fortify your faith, instead of just giving up on God. Have you considered studying the Bible thoroughly? By simply reading the Bible we can miss some key points. The Jehovah’s Witnesses in my community offer a free study of Bible, they allow you to use your own personal Bible and you’re not required to attend their place of worship.
  • Do you believe Jesus was the son of God. You must in order to be "Christian". So if you can't trust the Son to Show you the Father, then you must not have the Spirit of Christ dwelling in you,,,! Because it is the Spirit that reveals that truth,.
  • Hmm! Which sect? There's about 40,000 all bull crap!
  • God has little to do with Christianity. It was simply an ideology founded by Paul the apostle and not Jesus himself.
  • The Bible, as originally inspired, contains no contradictions or errors and gives us genuine answers to life's questions and the inspiration, peace, and confidence we need to succeed. A passage that provides us with inspiration to overcome doubt is Romans 4:20,21 "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform." Music inspired by the scriptures is also invigorating to our souls. Psalms 100:1,2 "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing."
  • Read "Testimony of the Evangelists, Examined by the Rules of Evidence Administered in Courts of Justice" by Simon Greenleaf, the same guy that wrote the book on evidence. If you truly want proof make an in depth study of the Bible and discover for yourself that it is an integrated message from outside our time dimension.
  • My advice: read the whole Bible, cover to cover, and read it from the critical perspective "What is the best evidence"? The first time I read the Bible I doubted every single miracle, and tried to imagine how the Biblical person could have faked it. Then I resorted to my university science training. For a scientist: evidence trumps belief, and for almost everything in the Bible, the Bible itself is the best evidence concerning the matter. What I IMAGINE happened holds little weight compared to the RECORD of what happened - and that's true REGARDLESS of whether or not we know "the record" is trustworthy. In the case of the Bible, in very nearly every case where there is relevant evidence, that evidence CORROBORATES what the Bible teaches. There are a very few exceptions - and a logical and reasonable analysis of the Biblical text should be employed or accepted in those cases. *** In other words: don't believe the Bible just because someone told you that you should. Believe the Bible because (in very nearly every matter it addresses) it is the best available evidence concerning that matter. *** This is also true when comparing the Bible to other religious texts, such as Qur'an or The Mabinogion. That is to say: when such texts directly contradict the Bible, there are several very logical reasons to prefer the Bible over the contradicting text. I can't say that's true of all contrary religious texts (because I certainly have not read them all), but it is certainly true of all of the contrary religious texts that I HAVE read.
  • If I may suggest; start with the Bible, Genesis 1:1 says, "In the beginning God crated the heaven and the earth. KJV. As was stated the "Big Bang Theory" has a starting point, so where did everything start? Science says you need energy to make energy. So where did the energy come from that made the big bang? No One knows, and DNA, the brain, the body's circulatory system, having babies all came from one accident after another? science is not clear on where the energy came from but ask us to have faith and that the evidence that the universe( stars, planets, solar systems) humans, plants and animals exist, should be enough. The Bible also doesn't have much information about where God came from and asks us to have faith and that the evidence that the universe( stars, planets, solar systems) humans, plants and animals exist, the only difference is that the Bible says a living, thinking, feeling entity created everything even giving the illustration of someone building a house, in Hebrews 3;4 " for every house is builded by someone; but he that built all things is God" KJV So again I want to encourage you to study and see what the Bible says, starting with Psalms83:18 KJV. I hope this helps and if you would like more information about the Bible, please login to There is a book called Life--How did it get here? By Evolution or by Creation?
  • The existence of an orderly universe containing life points to a Creator. The Bible says: “Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but the one who constructed all things is God.” (Hebrews 3:4) Although this logic is simple, many well-educated people find it to be powerful As humans, we have an innate desire to understand the meaning and purpose of life, a type of hunger that can remain after our physical needs have been met. This is part of what the Bible calls our “spiritual need,” which includes the desire to know and worship God. (Matthew 5:3; Revelation 4:​11) This spiritual need not only gives evidence that God exists but also indicates that he is a loving Creator who wants us to satisfy that need.​—Matthew 4:4. Detailed prophecies in the Bible were written centuries ahead of time and came true exactly as predicted. The accuracy and detail of those predictions strongly suggest that they came from a superhuman source.​—2 Peter 1:​21. For more information please visit wwwjworg
  • If you're at this point in your life you're no Christian. Christians don't seek proof - they have faith.

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