• grab the rifle or shotgun from either above the bed, or below the bed! can either be loaded or unloaded. this is the redneck answer. if your not a redneck, then get the most deadliest thing you can swing at a person, and start swinging.
  • Load your gun and hide. As much as you can, try to find your way out. press the car alarm repeatedly to give signal to the neighborhood for help.
  • In all honesty I think the best thing you can do is try and stay unnoticed - and if possible get out of the building without them noticing you. If someone has broken into your house there's a reasonable chance they are better armed and better prepared than you, possibly better practiced and more ready to use violence, and (if you're female) they're probably bigger and stronger than you as well. The best action is probably to get out (if you can) and discreetly phone the police. Your stuff is likely covered by insurance, and the police may even retrieve some of it - but you are irreplacable.
  • Grab your nine and get ready to kick behind ;)
  • I grab my .45 Auto and high intensity "Surefire" flashlight and we take cover on the far side of the bed. Anyone who tries to enter the bedroom gets blinded by the high intensity light, momentarily destroying their night vision and distracting them, while they recieve a double tap of .45 to the chest If they are too stupid to surrender IMMEDIATELY . The WORST thing you can possibly do is to go roaming the house looking for them. Take cover, prepare, and MAKE THEM COME TO YOU. I live in the country and emergency assistance could take 20-30 minutes ( Or More) to arrive, so I'd have to do whatever was necessary at that moment to protect my wife & myself.
  • I'll pull out my legally registered 9mm, and pop a cap in their ass.
  • First, you ought to have a secure room, one that's very difficult to get into when it's locked from the inside. That's where you keep your weapon and cell phone (since the first thing they do when invading is to cut your telephone line). If you haven't got a secure room, get out and go to a neighbor's while calling for backup. Even armed police prefer to call for backup before tackling a criminal, because the most potent weapon in the modern arsenal is the radio or telephone.
  • 911, Cell Phone, 12 gauge shotgun. No aiming involved. Point and click...boom.
  • pretend you are still sleeping and if they touch you, you plug them one
  • I have two German Shepherds to escort them back out and a handgun to backup my German Shepherds. Homeland Security.
  • I'm a chicken. I'd hide, or something. :o
  • seriosly
  • rack the slide of your shot gun. Everyone knows what that sound is and will hopefully be smart enuf to leave when they hear it.
  • I live in the uk. I just have knifes around my house and use them to defend myself.
  • I actually had this happen to me several years ago. I made a faux body out of 2 pillows and the blankets on my bed and hid in the closet behind some clothes on hangers with the sliding door left open,(which I always leave open anyway), and when the burglar was leaning over what he thought was me in bed, I clocked him with a baseball bat and called the police AFTER I had him secured with rope and duct tape! I guess that's also the answer to the weirdest thing you've ever used Duct Tape for question too!
  • If they are entering another room, try to push your bed against the bedroom door. This will slow them down and give you time to stop and think. If you have no phone in your room, get out a window, unless you have to go into defense mode (protect others). If you are going into defense mode, grab several things so you have a set of weapons. Coat hanger, lamp, TV Antenna, mirror. Be creative, be resourceful.
  • Call Beeennniiieeee.....sound terrified so he knows something is wrong. I don't know many people that would stand up to him if surprised. And of course I'd be there to bash them in the head with whatever seemed hard enough. No way I'd risk someone hurting my kids.
  • I would try my hardest to not be seen. I would grab some rod or a candlestick just in case I have to defend myself. Then I would go hide.
  • i would call the police and get the hell out of the house. my life is worth more than any material object they may be searching for!

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