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  • If you can, tell him not to worry about it and don't take the money. That could go a long way in mending things with him.
    • Supersoftball
      How is that?
  • You're not being silly, but you should bear some of the responsibility. It's usually a good idea to refrain from loaning anything you can't stand to do without. The reason is simple. People rarely respect or appreciate what they haven't acquired on their own. I've lost so many books to the point that if I'm enthusiastic about a book, and I really want them to read it, I'll either give mine away or buy them one. That way, it's a gift. There's no expectation of return and no hard feelings.
  • I would allow him to buy you a replacement. Also, from now on, put a name plate inside your book with a contact number or e-mail address. If one person misplaces it, there's a chance that another person may find it and let you know how to get it back. Or, join ..and at least your book will have a good journey among booklovers!
  • I would explain how much the book meant to me. Explain my disappointment at his disdain and lack of responsibility for my property, and yes I would take the money for it! Although I would not lend out things I care about that much in the future even if I fancied the person!
  • Lesson learned. There are 3 things you should never let anybody borrow: money, books, music. Some how, people don't think they're obligated to return those itmes
  • Some people do lose things unintentionally. Perhaps it was even stolen from his car or home. I think he did the respectable and honorable thing by offering to pay for this mishap. he IS acknowledging his responsibility for the loss. He may even feel badly (at least he SHOULD feel badly). Take his money and buy another copy. I doubt that he will think any less of you. If you don't, he'll probably think you're just stupid.
  • This goofball lost your book. He should get his lazy arse down to Barnes and Noble and purchase you a new one. Where are his manners?
  • Very silly. If you really gave a damn about the book, you should have never allowed him to borrow it in the first place.
  • i dont think youre being silly, at least hes willing to replace it

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