• USA is too much like Britain it has to be in control and so the war would have eventually been won!
  • We'd have fought like hell for our independence. The people that came here to begin with had strong backbones and resiliance.... they wouldn't have given up.
  • I believe we would have stayed a part of the empire, growing more friendly over time. The silly tea tax that precipitated the whole thing would be so insignificant by today's standards of taxation that we would be happy to have it, and even a few more like it. Luckily, we didn't end up like Ireland, split into two pieces with several factions in each, each one loyal to a different government and struggling for a different outcome. As an American, I question the validity and value of a royal monarch, and I well imagine most people living left of the pond would do so as well, but being united with Canada in a conjoined "United States of North America" poses some interesting advantages, unless the damn Canadians came down here to eat all our doughnuts. On the other hand, it might make for us to have real beer to drink. That would be worth it many times over. Tough question. I say let the canucks have the doughnuts and let them bring the beer, and then we can party and think about it.
  • Americans would have persevered and won even after a hundred years of fighting, we were cut of from Europe, and had to make do with what we had, eventually the British would have bankrupted and quit in disgust. Their population certainly was not into any more of it by the time of the time Cornwallis officially surrendered at Yorktown by the way. It was a lot like their Vietnam. A war they could never win.
  • if they stayed then they would have still split off, when Britian illeagaliesd slavery, as a colonial port, even the north would have slit off over money, canada would be bigger and united with britan, but the US would exit in som way
  • one of the more interesting questions that i've read in ages!!! the american colonies borrowed extensively from france and used its military against the british. we had few resources, couldn't pay our own troops. if france had gone back home, the american colonies would have had to cough up war reparations in addition to the relatively minor payments the colonialists were to make to protect the colonies from the indians, french, spanish ... and provide for a basic government. my guess is that we would never have been able to mount an effective war against britain again. my guess is that we would have been a second rate power. my guess is that north america would have been split into canada, us, louisianna - french, florida, and mexico going up to canada. my guess is that we'd all be speaking german right now, either from ww1 or ww2.
  • At the very least, you would be able to speak and write English! God Save The Queen!
  • i believe that if the revolutionary war had been lost, there probably would not be another attempt. the trouble makers, the founding fathers, would eventually all be rounded up, tried and executed. the british already had plans to treat rank and file revolutionaries leintly. they learned from their expeiriance with the french in quebec, and passed laws that protected their religion, language and national identity. their would have been similar moves in the american colonies, addressing their biggest grievences so something like this would be less likely in the future. as for what north america would look like, no one can acuratly predict what conflicts could or would change the political map, so its possible that britain would control all of eastern north america at least to the mississippii river, and maybe beyond. probably british control would have extended all the way to the pacific ocean through the northern western states, with ruperts land and british columbia already loyal to the crown, that route would have been a logical extension. mexico would continue to control the southwestern portion of the present day u.s. the texas war of independence may still have occured, but its doubtful that they would have willing given themselves over to the british as they did with the united states, so its possible that texas could have been its own country right to today. finally would the british be interested in buying alaska from the russians, would the russians want to turn alaska over to them, debatable.
  • No America would have eventually won freedom.

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