• There are plenty from our own planet known as politicians!
  • Yeah... they live on the dark side of the moon...
  • Probably. It would be very odd if there were not.
  • Most certainly and have been documented since the cavemen drew pictures of them in their caves.We would be pretty jaded to think we are the only beings in the universe.They are so advanced compared to us it would take thousands of years to reach their level of technology.As usual it is and will be debated for years.
  • Men are from Mars, Im from Bromley! Seriously, I think they're could be... I mean... Why not? you know?
  • In would be shear arrogance to believe we are the only beings in existence with higher learning and thinking capacity. The term alien refers to something not of this world. Using that logic, God and all his angels are, in fact, aliens. The things that we can smell, taste, see, and hear make up less than 1/1,000,000th of reality. There could be other entities 'walking' among us everyday and we would never know it.
  • Absolutely, but here on earth? The odds against it are so staggeringly great that so far as I am concerned it is a moot point. They are out there but so distant we'll never even detect their electromagnetic emissions (SETI has been trying for over 40 years without a peep detected)
  • Maybe some ,but most are from mexico
  • I sure hope not... because won't they be offended that they aren't represented in the Miss Universe competition?! LOL
  • "NO" there isn't.
  • Of course there are considering there must be billions of Earthlike planets in the universe.
  • they would have to be wouldn't they?
  • In the vastness of the universe I sure there are other lifeforms out there
  • They only become alien outside their own environment at home they are inhabitants.
  • Well, if that is where they would come from.... Somewhere far away, most likely. I think there is. :)
  • I hope not. I did see Independence Day.
  • Well, the truth is, no one knows yet, but there has been a few planets found that could have a chance of supporting life and if you think about it, we are an Alien as well. We're human aliens.
  • It's possible.
  • Yes, I believe that there probably are forms of life out in the Universe, besides on Earth. There is no evidence to back this up though, so I accept that it is just a belief. I certainly do not believe aliens have visited us. I also think that it is quite likely that "life" could exist outside of the ways in which we anticipate as we have an Earth-orientated view of what that term means. It is possible that we could find evidence for extraterrestrial life and still debate with ourselves over whether it really constitutes life.

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