• Don't pretend to be something you are not, use your own car, be yourself and have a great time :-)
  • Take the Altima, A real woman judges a man on his character, not his car.
  • Take your own car. Why start with a deception? Women appreciate honesty much more than "champagne and diamonds."
  • Take your own car you will be more relaxed and that is imperative on a first date. A jag is nice but the truth and reality is better. Remember, you want her to like you for YOU not what you have.
  • If the woman you seem to want to run with is money hungry, status seeking, and needs champagne and diamonds, in order to boost her self-esteem, and if you really can provide provide them, as you assert, then just show her your financials when you show up in your '96 Altima. I know a place where you can get fake Patek-Philippes, fake diamonds, and where you can rent expensive clothing. Just make sure that heels on your shoes are new, and she'll never know the difference.
  • Why would she want to stick with someone who starts the relationship off by lying to her?? Are you going to borrow the jag everytime she comes around? Besides if the only reason she is sticking around is b/c she thinks you own the jag and have lots of money then she isn't worth having around. If she really likes you she won't care if you pick her up in an Altima. Besides, what's wrong with an Altima? Don't mislead her from the get go, it will cause problems later on.
  • Be yourself !! If she wouldn't accept your for yourself, she's not worth the persuit.
  • Where are you going to borrow the champagne and diamonds from? Nobody likes a phoney.
  • Before you do anything, just stop pretending to be someone you are not! It will help your relationship more than borrowing a friend's jag. were rich, but now you are bankrupt! Big deal! You can promise her champagne and diamonds? How about promising that you will be a good friend to her when she needs it? Chemistry built on a borrowed jag usually fizzles out. It seems to me that all your life you have used status symbols to attract women and create chemistry. Now fate has given you a chance to see where you stand without it. Can you do it?
  • Gracin is right. You will be making a huge mistake borrowing your friends Jag instead of using your own car. You will be showing weakness, insecurity and superficiality. She already said she'd go out with you, so she likes you right? If she decides she no longer likes you because you drive an Altima, then why would you want a shallow, gold-digger like that? Maybe she is that way after all, but I have a feeling you're not giving her enough credit. If I were her and found out (and she will) that you borrowed your friends Jag to look wealthier than you are, I'd think you were pathetic, shallow and would never go out with you again. Impress her with who you are, what you say, not what you drive. I have my own example: I met a handsome, smart stockbroker who picked me up in a very expensive Porsche with black leather seats. During our date, he said he had another black Porsche with white seats. Identical car. His showing off and crass materialism was such a turn-off, he didn't even get a good night kiss, let alone another date.
  • So basically you don't think that your personality is enough?? or do you think that she is that materialistic?? if it's not your jag, than you are being phony...I personally would think you were a fraud!!
  • I would pick her up in the Altima. Mine is an 05' but I love it and have no shame in her.. but then I am the type of chick that likes men with trucks.. old ones even.. so the jag and diamonds would do nothing for me. Take your old girl the altima and let her get to know YOU, not what you can offer her. Good luck
  • Why misrepresent yourself? You are what you are. Faking it only opens you up to major issues down the road.
  • Are you going to borrow the champagne and diamonds? Be yourself..especially on a first date. No one should feel the need to use the possessions of others to make an impression. If she is materialistic, she could very well follow the jag back to your friend when she finds out it's not yours. There is nothing wrong with an Altima and I would be looking at your personality..not your car. If I had found that you thought so little of my character to misrepresent yourself (in a sense..lie), there would be no second date.
  • ROTF!!!!!!!!!! If you cant afford a jag, you cant afford the diamonds and champagne. Drive your car, so she gets to know the real you.
  • why borrow a friends jag? Dont be cheap...pick her up in a Lamboghini or a porsche. That will send her a message.
  • Use the Altima. Don't start a relationship on a false note. For twelve years, the only vehicle I had was a pick-up truck. If the women didn't like it, they didn't go out with me, which was entirely OK. Don't be a phony.
  • So, are you driving the Altima so that you can afford the champagne and diamonds? The truth always comes out. Pick her up in your car so you will both know exactly what you are dealing with.

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