• Well, there is one I know from childhood: Say "x" lots of times as fast as you can. Instead of saying ex ex ex ex ex, you end up saying ex sex sex sex sex. There is another one, I don't know if it's exactly what you want: An elderly couple were lying in bed. The man was quite tired and wanted to fall asleep, but the woman was in a romantic mood and wanted to talk. "When we were young, you used to hug me all the time", the woman said. The man gave her a little hug and tried to fall asleep. "Then you used to kiss me on the lips." He gave her a small kiss and closed his eyes, a little annoyed. "Then you used to bite my neck." The man got up furiously and put on his slippers. "Where are you going?" The woman asked. "To get my teeth!"
  • This one is kind of dirty but I'll give it a shot. A six year old kid was having a birthday and he asked his mom if he could take a shower with her. To please him, she said okay but she said "don't look up and don't look down" The kid looked up and he said "what are those?" She said "those are my bazookas" The kid looked down and he said "what's that?" The mom said "that's my garden" After the shower with his mom, he asked to take a shower with his dad. His dad said okay and he said "don't look down" The kid looked down and he said "what is that?" The dad said "ooh. That's my snake" Later that day, the child asked if he could sleep with his parents instead of in his own room because it was his birthday. His parents agreed and in the middle of the night the kid jumped up and said "MOM THERE'S A SNAKE IN YOUR GARDEN! KILL IT WITH YOUR BAZOOKA!"
  • aguy dipping his dick in a fresh girls pee, a passerby told him, what are you doing poor guy, he told him, i cant afford meat, but at leat i can enjoy free soup.
  • A woman has 3 daughters aged 12,16 and 20.They all invite thier boyfriends (same age) to the house and go to their room.The mother wonders what they are doing and listens to the rooms doors.Laughing sounds come from 12 yo daughters room.Moaning sounds come from 16 yo daughters room.But the 20 yo daughters room is quiet as hell NO sound.Next day the mother asks her daughters what they were doing yesterday. 12 YO:''Mom he told me a joke and i was laughing to it'' 16 YO:'' were making love,thats why we were moaning'' But the mom wonders why the 20 yo daughters room was quiet.She asks her why. 20 YO:''Mom,didn't you tell me not to talk when there is something in your mouth'' LOL!
  • I know one ok here it goes, "ok there was a cowboy and a american indian, they were looking for a buffalo and the cowboy says were is the buffalo and the indian kneels down and sniffs some stuff on the floor and says buffalo cum".

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