• Richard Simmons. He wouldn't make a move, because I am a female. Gene Simmons is an arrogant pig.
  • Hmmm. This is a tough one, Richard has more skin exposure, but Gene has those spikes and fire breath, so I would say Gene Simmons.
  • Richard Simmons he'd be cool , I'm not his type anyway and he's not mine -- He has done a lot of good things for people as well + 5
  • As a guy, I would pick Richard Simmons. He seems to be respectful enough that we would just sleep. I really don't think he would try to do anything except wake up too early to workout.
  • Since I'm a chick... I'd say Richard Simmons! He wouldn't lay one finger on me... We'd wake up and he would show me exercise moves! I think it would be very interesting! :D I'd have to pass on Gene Simmons... I hate to hear about his dumb show... "Family Jewels" What a loooser!
  • Richard Simmons..he seems like a very nice person to me. I think he would be very gentlemanly, honorable and fun to spend time with..Gene Simmons, on the other hand, is a very weird guy and I don't think there is a gentlemanly bone in his body. :)
  • I would gladly take the floor. Don't do the two guys in a bed thing. But if I did, Gene Simons... who knows what he'd pull, and Richard Simmons, well first he would talk to much, and I don't think he would ever settle down.
  • Richard Simmons - he's just nicer. I'd just make sure Richard didn't have any caffeine - he's just a bit high-strung. LOL
  • Being a Headbanger, Gene of course. We would rock n roll all night, but I think we're told old to party all day ;-)
  • Gene for sure. Richard Simmons would gross me out, but I like Gene. He has an awesome family. I'd totally love to hang out with them!
  • RICHARD! He's gay too, so there would be no worries...and we could have an awesome musical workout before watching some movies and falling asleep!
  • I'd have to say Gene Simmons. Richard Simmons is a little too high strung for me!
  • Richard Simmons. Gene Simmons grosses me out. I don't want to get anyway near someone who even claims to have slept with over 5,000 women or people, whatever. I'd rather have a guy who earned his sweat with honest exercise:-)
  • Hhehe Gene, 'cos then I could get him high and make him remember nothing....
  • I think either would be fun, but probably Richard, cos I'd get more sleep! :D
  • Well, Gene could use that tongue and Ritchy could use the booty!! Good thing I'm NOT flaming!!!!!!!
  • I would sleep with Gene for an hour (or 5 minutes realistically speaking) with 5 condoms,lol & go to sleep with Richard because you know he'd be safe after he calms down.
  • gene simmons because he has a hot son and hed probably give me some beer.

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