• Do you mean shedding, shedding their hair? Is it an outdoor or indoor cat? Outdoor cats shed briefly and much less than indoor cats. Indoor cats, because we keep our homes at an even temperature and lots of lighting, shed almost all year long. If you want to help the cat, you can brush them each day, sometimes twice during peak shedding times.
  • Cays do not "malt" so what are you asking? They also do not molt if thats what you mean.
  • Tell them to get a valid liquor license or they're out.
  • Cover them with chocolate. Malted chocolate balls are awesome.
    • Mircat
      Malted chocolate balls are for the movies Archie. Brushing is for molting cats.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I answered the question, which was about malting. And maybe this person wants to take their cat to the movies and have a snack.

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