• I'm not a man, but I'd say yes. There are plenty of big, beautiful, smart, funny women.
  • Sure as long as she has an attractive face and she doesn't have cottage cheese thighs or varicose veins showing or any instant turnoffs like that. I don't like bony women anyway. At best I could find a friend to take long walks with or to go biking with so that I would be motivated to get some exercise.
  • Yes. I think it's aweful how hollywood has made people believe that skinny is beautiful. I personally am not very big but that's my body's make-up, which is what we need to go by. Not everyone's bodies are made to be small, and not everyone's bodies look good small. If you feel good with how you look then that's all that really matters.
  • Yes. Some guys like small women, some guys like large women, and some guys are gay and prefer other men.
  • yeh more cushion for the pushin
  • Two words: Queen Latifah.
  • Of course
  • I'm a woman, and in my opinion anyone can be sexy in their own special and unique way in regards whether she is chubby or skinny.
  • Of course.
  • Yes and even more shocking...OBESE women can be attractive and sexy too!!!! Not all men like skinny women, or even "normal" sized women. Big isn't ugly, beauty is beauty no matter what size the container.
  • I think a confident big girl can be very sexy. Some big girls are very hot to me. Devin Taylor and Brandy Talore are good examples, but so is the gal on Nashville Star right now named Melissa Lawson.
  • I have to say I wish that to be true,but I was always very attractive to men. I got sick 2 yrs. ago and was bed-ridden couldn't exercise gained 50 lbs. Now when I go out not a head turns in my direction. very disgusted.mollie
  • Yes. Not only do men have different preferences, but sexy is a state of mind. The vibe you put out is often what you get back in return. So as long as YOU think you are sexy, you exude sexy; you will be sexy--no matter what you weigh.
  • Yes. I am over weight and have a wonderful partner. I have been married 23 years. Most of my friends are male and I have had many guys flirt with me and say they are attracted to me over the years. It isn't always in the looks but in the confidence you display. Men are often visual creatures and on first glance they may pass by an overweight person , but those who take the time to get to know a person are the ones worth keepign anyway. I would rather have someone admire my intellect and sense of humour than my body.
  • Gonna be honest here. Place two women side by side. One that is 5 foot 6", and weighs 190 pounds, and one that is 5 foot 2", and weighs 110. Both women are beautiful. I will take the one that weighs 190. Couldn't tell you why, except personal taste. I am a white guy, 6 foot 180 pounds myself. Regardless of weight, if a woman has a beautiful face and a nice personality and carries her weight well, I will be more attracted to her. My wife is 5'4" and usually weighs around 150. I have yet to find a woman who has better curves and more sex appeal than her. At one point, she was up to 170, and all it did was emphasize her already gorgeous curves.
  • Without a doubt! And not just to "some" men but to a lot of men.......I'm one of those men.
  • YES...there are men that prefer a more curvier woman! It just depends on the man. :D
  • Obviously!
  • Yep i love the big, beautiful women
  • I am not the thinnest person myself and I have always wondered if there are any guys out there that would like me the way I am right now. ( I am hitting the gym though)
  • I.ll be honest and i mean no insult to anyone i'm only giving my input on this. I'd like to believe these idealistic notions of big is beautiful to be true, but out of all my single friends when we go out it is always the skinniest ones that get the attention and always have their pick of the men. Also in my personal experience. After my daughter i lost a lot of weight and became very skinny myself. And I suddenly found i couldn't go anyway without attention from men (and compliments from women) and believe me i was a new mum and wasn't dressing for attention. During the pregnancy of my son however i put on about 40lbs and have struggled to lose it. I haven't changed my appearance. The only thing that has changed is my weight and i'm still not even fat because i was so underweight before, but still the drop in attention and change i've noticed is astounding. So combine that with the images that are shown in mens mags and all other forms of the male fantasy images etc and i have started to wonder whether people just lie or kid themselves because the reality seems to reflect so differently?
  • yes, women are still very attractive even if they are overweight.
  • Of course they can! +5
  • Yes. I like girls who have a little bit of beef on them and who are a bit chubby. I mean who wants to have ribs sticking into you in bed.
  • Sure. They are still attractive.

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