• Running into a table...ouch.
  • Once in my life, I was having a fight with my brother, and he punched me in the stomach.
  • i fell off a galloping horse, head first and landed on my neck, hit one hip and flipped and hit the other and rolled. i remember not being able to see or breathe and then a blank and then i woke up. fun stuff
  • I was coming from my office at 11pm on a rainy night. Did not see a big rock till the last moment(because of the oncoming traffic's headlight glare), applied brakes but was bit late. Somersaulted twice over the handle bar, narrowly missed the road divider, broke the fall (thanks to martial art training) and stood on my feet to avoid following traffic. Had bad knee impact, shoulder impact, torn jacket and damaged bike. Thank God, I survived.
  • Haha. One of my friends threw a history book at me and hit me in the stomach. that was GREAT.
  • A number of times. Several during fights with larger, more skilled people than myself and once while playing American football. I thought I was going to die playing football. It took several minutes to get a good breathing pattern going. The paramedics thought they were going to have to sedate me and then intubate.
  • Once I fell out of a tree and once a bunk bed. I was never so terrified in my life than those few seconds where I couldn't breath.
  • Yes totally on a few occasions due to the kind of sports I pursue. The first time as a child, we were swinging out on a rope over a chalk pit, I slipped and fell landing on a ledge quite a way down(luckily) flat on my back. I could not even fight for breath. I just saw all the others looking over the edge at me. I truly thought I would never breath again at that time.
  • Several times. When I was younger my brother sister and I were playing INspector gadget at the playground and we were going down the slide together in a "train" sorta way. I was at the back and they asked me to scoot back. So I did and I fell backwards and landed on my back. As an adult I do MMA and Kickboxing training. I am often hit or thrown or choked out or submitted and it can get rough.

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