• $4.99 all you can eat no one remembers that?
  • They still have it. Well here in Idaho and Washington!
  • The KFC I went has a small one. It's a new one.
  • The local KFC in Herrin, IL has a buffet.
  • the joint or the chicken? or both??? idk, never got a hangover for some reason :p and i dont eat chicken.
  • You're joking, right?
  • they nnightve taken it out
  • I used to put that buffet out every other morning for a couple of years! I didn't work on Sunday, though. I was the manager. I haven't been back since I quit working there, and I don't eat fast food so I don't know if they have a buffet here or not.
  • My first "adult" job was with KFC. They had a policy at the store I worked at: employees could eat all the chicken they wanted for free. The idea was to get everyone so burned-out on chicken that they wouldn't want it. It worked for a lot of people, but I've been a chicken fanatic for the past 48 years, so it never worked on me. I can't say when the buffets started - some locations had one some didn't. I believe that most went under at the start of the COVID BS. At the rate they're refusing to reopen, I doubt most will be back - I don't think they'll expand beyond their drive-thru window. One has reopened locally, and it has a buffet. When I get the taste for chicken, I'll drive the 7 miles to patronize the one that is willing to provide jobs.

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