• well the most basic "hello world" is pretty much 2-10 lines of code depending on what you're writing in. So not that hard, really depends on what you want to write.
  • It depends on what kind of program you want to write. If you want to do something simple, it may take you a couple days with a book or two. If you want to learn the entire C++ programming language and write complex scripts and programs, it may take months or years.
  • You probably mean a GUI-based program that performs a medium-difficulty task, it can take a while. You need motivation to learn not only a programming language syntax, but also to 'think' in programming terms, to grasp concepts related to computers. Programming in something like Visual Basic will allow you to skip a lot of these important concepts, and you will be able to create simple graphical programs, and the confidence boost you get from being able to do this often outweighs the bad habits you aquire. My advice is to get a book on visual basic (some even come with a compiler on a CD) and try it, because the difficulty varies with the person. If you like it, and become interested in it, then you can move on to more complex languages.

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