• Aye..indeed. I expect Heaven to be skweaky clean.
  • It doesn't say that in the Bible. Maybe heaven will be full of smelly people. (There might not be water to shower with.)
  • No. If Jesus was an indicator of God's tolerance of germs, then I'd say that He (God) couldn't care less about how clean someones house is. Jesus befriended lepers, whores, the sick, the dying - he was not concerned with how clean their homes were or how often they brushed their teeth. He was more concerned with showing those who had nothing that they had everything if they believe in him. He offered them love and compassion, these "lowest" and "filthiest" of people. I think the saying is simply something that someone made up (probably during the 1950's) to instill "good, wholesome, Christian" values into people's hearts and homes. The message really has nothing to do with God or Christ.
  • No, Deity still lives within all of us, whether or not we are clean. However, no one will be next to YOU if you aren't. *smell!*
  • No because in my home which consists of eight rooms only two are clean at any given time.

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