• Good luck with that! I personally feel that cats are untrainable. THEY are training us....
  • Find a thing (s)he likes to play with, then pick it up and toss it. If they bring it back, toss it again. Almost every cat I have ever had I have taught to play fetch. From celophane wrappers from cigarette packages, to rubber stoppers used in drains (that cat carried it around by the chain, and looked like it had a pacifier), to the current one that uses hair ties. My last cat liked having me toss it down the stairs. This one likes it on the wood floor so it can scrabble around. Oh, this one also plays 'peekaboo'.
  • It's usually easy to get him to chase after something. The hard part is getting him to bring it back to you. Occasionally, you will get a cat that it comes to naturally, but, if you don't, you will have to employ bribery. Find a toy your cat likes to chase after. It should be something he can easily carry in his mouth. Find a brand of treats that he absolutely loves. Throw the toy. If he doesn't go after it, start throwing treats instead for a bit and then try the toy again. Once he consistently goes after the toy, try to get him to bring it back to you. If he does, lavish him with treats and attention. If not, go up to him and trade him a treat for the toy. Go back to trying to get him to bring it back to you in exchange for a treat. You may never get him to bring the toy back to you but this is the best way I know of to even have a chance of him doing it. Remember that getting angry or frustrated will only make it a negative experience that he will not want to repeat. Don't push him and try it again at a later time if he gets irritated or loses interest. Good luck!
  • find something she really likes and throw it,be sure to encorage her to bring it back. also offer her treats.
  • To fetch what ?

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