• Yes...of course. * Just a few examples: * WWII solved the problem of the aggressive Axis Powers * WWI solved the problem of the aggressive Central Powers. * the US Civil War solved the problem of the secession of the Southern States * the US Revolutionary War solved the problem of the rule of Britain (which was deemed to be unfair and economically disadvantageous) * etc.
    • 11stevo73
      turned us all into slaves? It signed us up to debt which gave corpo scum total control of all our countrys why I hate all old people they sold us up the river. As in took all and gave nothing. Good on ya boomer own nothing and be happy . What installed that system?
  • No they steal the country from the people as in accumulate a huge war debt which the working people of the country have to pay back. Pathetic corparations now own my country is what world war 2 did for Australia.Grandpa was a fuckwit he gave the country away is what his war efferts got us what a hero he was.
  • Well World War 2 brought about The United Nations originally The League of Nations, Hitler wanted Sovereignty, and no part in globalisation. Then we had leaders talking about the New World Order The they had a simulation of what to do if there was a world pandemic in October 2019 at the John Hopkins Centre, Event 201 Then of course we had the pandemic surprise surprise! And of course they spoke about the Great Reset

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