• Interesting question. * Helicopter accidents are surprisingly frequent, and usually deadly. Our own military has them far too often. It might be just an accident. * However: one can't help but wonder and speculate, given Israel's ability to assassinate people in Iran, given the current state of affairs between those two nations, and given the recent fairly violent history between the US and Iran. * If it is a foreign government assassination, I expect no government will admit to it. Retaliatory strikes against military targets are generally allowed by international law, but taking out government officials is generally not allowed unless there is an active state of war between the two nations. (Which is why you don't hear of the US or Israel bombing the building that is the seat of the national government when some foreign nation makes an unprovoked attack against their military. They always choose military targets - e.g. a military base or a weapons factory or a weapons research facility - for retaliation.) * SO: I expect that it's a legitimate accident. * I'm not happy or sad about it. He's not the real power in Iran and (so) Iran will continue doing the bad things that they have been doing all along.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Iran has been accusing Israel of killing a list of Iranian military generals and high-ranking officers. From the latest news, people on social media have been spreading rumors of Israel having something to do with the helicopter crash. But, they're just rumors.
      I don't doubt that Israel is assassinating Iranian military officers. A few years back they managed to assassinate several of the Iranian nuclear research scientists, including the lead scientist. But assassinating the President is a big step from assassinating military leaders and weapons researchers. I don't really expect that they would do that, because I don't really see the advantage to them. Getting rid of experienced military leaders who are ordering attacks against Israel has a couple of positive affects for Israel, but assassinating the President, who is merely a figurehead and the tool of the Supreme Leader, doesn't seem to offer the same benefits to Israel. And if they get caught doing it: possibly severe repercussions.
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      Iran has always insisted that its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes. It is a claim Israel and much of the Western world dismiss, since Iran has also been threatening to wipe Israel off the map by chanting 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel'. Ebrahim Raisi is known as 'The Butcher' in which many Iranian civilians, specifically women do not like him. Iran launched more than 300 killer drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles on Israeli territory last month on April 13, 2024: With Ebrahim Raisi's death announced yesterday on May 19, 2024 from the helicopter crash, it's a big blow to Iran and its proxies: Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis.
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      The person who was killed was knicknamed the "Butcher of Tehran."
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      Hulk, that's what I said, but thanks for further making it known.
  • I think it was an accident I've looked for news where they point the finger of blame at Israel the best they could do was Israel was manipulting the weather everyone seams to agree its unusally cold and foggie over there. I did hear alot of Irainians were celebrating the deaths of the Arab occupiers hopefully they get their country back. In the case of the ADF Helecopters have killed more ADF personal in peace times than any our emermy have.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      What a strange accident, cause the Iranian president's helicopter was part of a convoy of 3 helicopters returning from an event inaugurating. That's not 1, 2 but 3 helicopters flying in the same area, and only the president's helicopter crashes.
  • It should be understood that Iran is funding Hamas and its war against Israel. Israel may have been behind it.
    • 11stevo73
      why post a google search the results I get will be totally different to what it shows you. How many times do you need to be told are you stupid? Everyone uses chrome or brave nowdays;. Not firefox
  • I still think it was sabotage.
  • The mountain ⛰ 🚁 had a right to defend itself. LOL 😂

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