• Same ip address is probably why. Its their site why would they care about you? Like the rest of the world take a cup of concrete and harden up. No one cares, no trolls or time-wasters, you have plenty of time to waste you are posting on answerbag . You dont have anything better to do obviously
  • I know the feeling of being falsely accused of having many accounts and it would make sense for the one person to have one account and no more for a particular website. In relation to your situation, go on to the Google search bar and type in “how to report a website” and see what link in the results works best for you. Usually when reporting a website, there should be an option for the reason of the report that you can give details on.
  • 6/29/2024, no trolls or time wasters? Actually, you are in no position to be asking what type of people do you want answering your questions. You only have 15 questions asked. So obviously you are not contributing to this site as the popular users are, but rather making an outcry because certain users are not answering your very little amount of questions as you would like them to. Take note: websites are filled with many fake accounts. You don't have any links in your reference to support who or what may be accusing you of someone else. Worry about yourself than other people falsely accusing others. You are rather trolling on this site. Don't agree with me? You are always free to comment on my answer. If not, you are also free to leave this site.

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