• I gave up the traditional meal thing long ago. What I mean is: I'm just as likely to have eggs or cereal or pancakes or sausage patties for lunch or dinner as I am to have chili or pizza or a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast. * Probably the weirdest thing I've had is this "salmon crumble" I make. My own recipe, basically like a salmon patty except in a small baking dish. Sort of like "if a salmon patty was a casserole". Tasty to me, good for you. It's a shame that salmon is no longer affordable.
  • I am inspired to ask this question, as recently, my fridge was running out of food, and later that day, grocery shopping was on my to-do list. I was looking for a breakfast meal inside the fridge. I saw a spicy chicken sandwich. I warmed it up on my electric grill, and my oh my was it yummy. 😋 I thought it was an interesting way to spice up 🌶️ my day. LOL 😂

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