• Machines (in my experience) are a pain to clean. Unless you're doing fruits and veggies for 20, or unless you're doing something special like fries or many thin slices (for both of which a mandolin is great), I much prefer a knife.
  • Depends on whether rough chopping or precision knife skills are in order. One can spend a long time turning a case of mushrooms into duxelles with a french knife yet a food processor can accomplish it in minutes. However, precise cutting such as brunoises or other cuts where uniformity is part of presentation requires some knife skills and attention to detail. 2/25/24
  • Is a knife a machine? If I chop carrots with my hand, the kitchen would end up a mess!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for your interesting question. A knife can be a machine, depending on how fast you can use it:
  • I I prefer a food processor to chop fruits, vegetables.

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