• Mistreated??? YES. My 1st husband beat me a minimum of once a day going as high as 3 times a day. When I say "beat", I do NOT mean slapped. I mean he balled up his fist & reacted as though he was fighting Mike Tyson. It made him feel like a man!!! How did I feel at the time of "personal inconvenience??? I'm sorry. I didn't see it as a personal inconvenience. I saw it as a crime!!! Have I moved on??? Yes...after a LOT of working on my mental health & the fact that he died, I have gotten past it. I hadn't gotten past it until he died because he would call every Christmas to tell me that I better sleep with 1 eye open & IF he caught me with both eyes closed that he'd beat me one more time because he would know that I still missed him & wanted my Christmas present.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I am sorry to hear what you have been through. That must have been really tough on you having to put up with physical abuse. The main thing is, he is not around to harm you and I hope you’re ok now. Physical abuse in a relationship is a crime so I understand it’s more than a personal inconvenience. That’s terrible you had been beaten up. Nobody should have to go through that and the abuser should be reported to the police immediately. The fact that he is gone forever means you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Your mental health is important.
    • Majik-1
      Thank you Shadow for the kind words. To finish putting it into perspective. I'm old enough that there was NO laws to protect me at the time. I did go to the police to ask them what options I had & they laughed & told me that I needed to learn to mind better so as to not give him a reason to hit me the first time. When I left him I was told that I couldn't get a loan on a car unless he gave me permission. That era is one of the reasons we have some of the protection laws for women that we have today. Believe me, I wasn't the ONLY one!!! The saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is exactly correct. I learned to depend on ME & I did a dayum good job doing so. Many years later I met my soulmate. His wife had abused him so we really understood each other. We helped each other heal & make it through each day. So now I've found a way to be thankful for every punch or I most likely would have NEVER met the love of my life!!! I've learned that for every bad thing that happens to us it prepares us for the next good thing. My ex died, his ex died & we are living our version of happily ever after
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      It sounds like the law was messed up at the time. Either that or the police were not doing their job properly. I’m aware that there are many people in an abusive relationship in the world so I know you’re not alone in such a situation. It’s good to talk about it to the right people. That is great to hear you met your soulmate. Happy days. I can imagine what it must be like for a couple to share their past relationships and how to have an understanding and empathy between each other. The both of you have each other’s support. That’s the main thing.
    • Creamcrackered
      Thanks for sharing Majik, what a harrowing nightmare. Glad you came through and found someone to love you, thing about abusive relationships, they lovebomb, you think you're committing to this great guy, you ignore any red flags, and then once they have you, the mask comes off, and that's when the controlling through fear kicks in, can really twist your mind, I can't say that the police have got much better in protecting the victim, that's why women in domestic violence or abusive situations fear to leave, they know the partner has no rules, they're willing to go to any lengths to control and sadistically enjoy terrorising the partner.
  • Rarely do they mistreat you, they mistreat a delusion or projection in their mind. See what I learned about myself, try to let go, because a person who lives like this will continue to mistreat others and it will reach its own consequence.
  • Who hasn't, right? Usually my advice is to avoid people who mistreat you. Just find better people and life will get better

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