• Most all yes, they want to be loved. Most all animals also desire love. Love controls the world.
  • I think that a lot of people want to be loved. It is nice to feel loved although some people don’t show love because they have been wronged in some way by another person(s). Those who don’t show love are in need of someone in their life who can be there for them. Some people like to be left alone because someone or a number of people in their life mistreated them in some way. People are like flowers because we grow on our own while others rely on people to support and help them because they have certain difficulties with personal growth due to lack of self awareness. I think that some people should love themselves first before having a relationship with someone so as they can treat others properly the same way they treat themselves. Unfortunately some people in the real world don’t know how to love themselves because they may have personal issues but in a way that is understandable because of the hostility, anger and hatred in others around them that can have a negative impact on them due to sensitivity. Some people are hard on themselves because of how they are mistreated and abandoned by others.

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