• Well...I've become more critical. That is: there are some (relatively few) songs that I really liked in my youth that I don't much like any more. And of course on occasion I hear a new song that I like. But the type of music I like remains the same.
  • Mine has changed drastically over the years!!! I started out enjoying Doo Wop, then moved to Soft Rock, eventually working my way up to full fledged Rock. At some point, I got hooked on Country but I don't remember what caused the change. At some point I reverted back to Rock interspersed a little bit of Pop. Oh yes, don't forget the Hair Bands. I simply LOVE music in general, so I drifted in & our of many different genres. Then I married a man who loved the Blues & the Blues became my main passion. The Blues introduced me to Jazz. Now I flit between any good song that I hear to another good song that I hear. I don't care much for Opera, Classical, Heavy Metal, Rap, & most music since 2000. Still there are bits & pieces of all those that I can hear & enjoy!!! Although the Blues is still my favorite, I find that Classic Rock brings back some fond memories of the good old days. My playlist for my car is a menagerie of many genres!!!
  • Yes, but I still listen to a few things from when I was younger

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