• Russia's aggression is aimed at destroying Ukraine as an independent state. Putin wants to recapture a former Soviet nation to gain access to its resources, infrastructure and logistical benefits such as its ports.
  • Russia used to be the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics[s] (USSR). Russia was a communist country that tried to take over all of Europe, North & South America. They succeeded with a few countries with one being Ukraine. During the Cold War, Russia grew weaker & weaker & the rest of the world forced them to break up the USSR & the countries who were defeated by Russia were freed.. Putin is feeling irrelevant & useless about now & he wants to try & turn Russia back into the USSR.He's starting with Ukraine because they have the most profit to offer Russia & they are the closest. He thought they would just lay down & roll over being easy to beat but he was WRONG!!! If he's allowed to take Ukraine, he will continue on to any & ALL the surrounding countries. Putin overestimated his troops in that they are NOT blindly following him. Although he's saying publicly that his troops are in POW camps, the truth is that a large percentage has joined the Ukraine Army & are fighting AGAINST their homeland. Putin plans on taking over the ENTIRE world!!!
  • Russia wants to take over all of Europe.
    • Majik-1
      Now Putin wants to take back Alaska, so it appears that he won't be happy with just Europe!!!

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