• No senorita, speedy Gonzales is the bane of Mexican alley cats in the cartoons. Slowpoke Rodriguez might be a "racist portrayal" though. 1/14/24
  • Yes, of course. The clothes. The "laziness". The...longing for tequila. etc. It's a 60s cartoon and, therefore, a 60s stereotype. Obvious to people of that generation, I think. IMO far worse than the Frito Bandito (who was "cancelled" because of protests that he was a derogatory stereotype).
  • Idk what that is
    • dalcocono
      It's a cartoon character that is a Mexican mouse who always outsmarts the Mexican cats in their attempts to catch the mice. It is a popular kids cartoon show in Mexico. It used to be popular here too, but now it's "controversial" among the gringos.

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