• I thought the case is that we are all one species, homo sapiens. The varieties among us can be called races or ethnicities. 12/30/23
  • "Ethnicity" is more cultural than genetic...(consider Jewish or Italian-American, for example), and yet we place ethnic identities on the descendants of ethnic minorities, even when the culture they follow is definitely not the same as that of their ancestors. (How many ethnic Jews are Jewish? How many Italian-Americans are fluent in Italian?) *** In my opinion the concept of ethnicity is less...prone to discrimination than is that of race (some might disagree with me on that, and certainly there are many cases in history where ethnic discrimination has occurred), but its still ridiculously vague and inaccurate and - therefore - inadequate. It's still a way of classifying people into groups whether they wish it or not, whether it is accurate or not. It's still arbitrary (at least to some degree, though by comparison, our concept of race is almost completely arbitrary, almost completely unrelated to the supposed underlying scientific reality).
  • Your understanding is correct. Every person in the world is part of the human race. Some people think differently because they want to be something more which they are not since they create thoughts in their head or that someone has brainwashed them into making them believe they are something more than human like an imaginary being that you would expect to see in the movies. The reality is humanity is diverse in behaviours, views, personalities, experiences and walks of life. We all contain the same bodily ingredients but with unique fingerprints for instance when it comes to physical differences.

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