• Sure. Not ALL my own food, but I've dabbled with tomatoes, basil and some other things.
  • I've grown tomatoes and potatoes, the latter taste cremier when home grown, did try runner beans but weather was to hot and they were scorched. I'd definitely recommend it if you want to know what organic "that which used to be classed as normal" veg is like. You can grow potatoes in a bag or large container if you don't have much garden space. Have you grown anything Jenny?
  • I have tried with only spotty success. Between deer and gophers and rabbits, aphids and tomato worms plus early and late frosts to contend with I haven't been very successful at it. 12/29/23
  • I never grew my own food. However one of my dad's first cousin's Albert was a farmer in Elmer New Jersey. His farm was called the Appel Farm. His land name. He farmed with his wife Claire.
  • At different times I have. During WWII most of us had "Victory Gardens" to save food for the troops.

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