• Southern US: Fried Chicken, Peach Cobbler, and greens.
  • Well...for such a task, one has to be careful about religious dietary restrictions. For example: Muslims: no pork. Hindus: no beef. *** This restricts us to mostly vegetarian or seafood options (and note: no shellfish, considering Judaism). *** My first choice is Boston Cream Pie. Of course: that's for dessert. *** My second choice is main course, some Red Snapper dish (probably baked with lemon and herbs, mild and super-delicious). Red Snapper is only found in the Americas. Vegetarian alternative: black bean chili or a cheese omelet (I know, that last is more French than American, but there's only so much you can do with a main course and stay vegetarian. Use Monterrey Jack cheese - a good one, not the typical super-bland grocery store MJ - to make it American.) *** My third choice: needs to be a vegetable or salad, and so my choice is my favorite: Caesar Salad, which was invented in the Americas by a European immigrant.

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